Philips Performance PH805BK Wireless Headset Review

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Philips PH805BK

In this article, I give you my quick review of Philips Performance PH805BK Wireless Headset. A pair of premium headsets is a must-have item in any good sound lover’s arsenal.

Compared to speakers, headphones at the same price have traditionally offered much higher sound quality, so investing in a good headset certainly makes sense. Of course, why to settle for the ordinary when you can choose and something that offers many advantages over a conventional design.

Great quality

The Philips Performance PH805BK is a classic audiophile headphone model with extraordinary comfort thanks to its large soft cushions that completely cover your ears, but also with a comfortable and lightweight adjustable headband.

Thanks to the closed-end design of the earrings, as well as the cushions that fit perfectly with your head, the noise isolation is high and effectively reduces the noise coming from your surroundings, such as traffic or street noise, which can interfere with your enjoyment of music.

Awareness mode

In addition, the handsets also feature electronics-based active noise cancellation technology, which additionally suppresses any unwanted external sounds by a special algorithm, giving you extraordinary isolation and peace of mind.

However, if you need to hear the ambiance around you, the headset also comes with a special Awareness mode that you can activate and hear all around as you would on a normal headset.

Design and features

This model is equipped with 40 mm diameter neodymium speakers, allowing it to reproduce a really wide frequency band delivering in the range of 7 Hz to 40 kHz, with deep and rich low tones and a high level of fine detail in the mid and high range for true enjoyment in music.

Enjoying is even greater as you will not be disturbed by the cable while listening to music. Namely, these headsets connect to your mobile phone, but also to your laptop, TV, and many other devices via Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, allowing you complete freedom of movement and even greater comfort.

Wireless connectivity

The modern Bluetooth connection offers both high-resolution audios but also long-range and reliable connection.

With an integrated microphone, these headsets also make calls through a mobile phone. And, the noise cancellation technology here also makes sure your callers hear you loud and clear, even when in a noisy environment.

The Philips Performance PH805BK wireless headset is designed to be used by a very simple control, which is performed via an external earpiece surface, which is touch-sensitive.

With your finger gesture, you can change the volume, activate or deactivate noise reduction, activate Awareness Mode to hear everything around you. Also, you can launch Google Digital Assistant to perform an on-the-go task without having to remove your mobile phone.

Battery and charging

Thanks to a lithium polymer battery, the headset provides up to 30 hours of music listening.

There is also fast charging technology, which will charge a completely discharged battery in just an hour and a half, and recharging for only 5 minutes will allow as much as two hours of operation.


Because they are easily foldable, you can easily carry your Philips Performance headset anywhere and always enjoy good sound.

The package also comes with a carrying case, as well as cables and adapters that, in addition to charging, will also allow you to connect the headset to a variety of sound sources, such as a 3.5mm audio connector for onboard audio systems.

Philips Performance PH805BK on the Market

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