Nokia Asha 306 Review

Just a few days after the introduction of the Dual SIM model Nokia Asha 305, we received the model Asha 306 and on this occasion we will deal with it in more detail, and try to bring you closer and convey our impressions of this device. capable design team, but what we are especially glad about and that cannot go unnoticed is that this company is making great efforts so that even cheaper (ie phones intended for customers with a smaller pocket) are not neglected when it comes to quality materials or good design.

Asha 306 is a device that, thanks to its sharp and clearly defined features, leaves the impression of a compact device, and that impression is absolutely confirmed when we take this model in hand. This model can be found in 4 colors. Red, silver-white, dark blue, and dark gray. As we mentioned in the introductory text, this touch model does not seem “cheap” at all, it fits well in the hand and the overall impression is definitely positive. Its TFT display, which is sensitive to touch, fits harmoniously into the device itself. The colors are rich, vivid, and the contrast is at a satisfactory level. One of the features of this model that left a special impression on us is the excellent battery life, which is quite rare these days and the reason for the great dissatisfaction of many mobile phone users around the world. This device comes with a 2GB memory card, and the memory card slot supports memory expansion up to a maximum of 32GB. The camera with which this model is equipped is not the “brightest point” of this device, but it has achieved solid results in its class, the 2MP camera class. What will also delight many future users of this device is the sound quality, namely MP3-MP4 playback high music-video experience for fans of quality sound.

As for the software aspect of this model, the functionality is good, and the now well-known and accepted Asha software version makes the menu of this device simple and easy to use. The general impression that this model has left on us is that this is a youthful or teenage phone if you so wish. This effect is achieved by the fact that the emphasis of this device is placed on integrated support for social networks, solid and fast Wi-Fi internet connection as well as support for games. As another tool intended for entertainment support, this device is equipped with Stereo FM radio.

This brings us to the very end of the review of this low-budget but by no means a low-quality model. We are sure that this model will be widely accepted by the refined taste of customers, especially the younger population. Nokia has once again proved that even for a modest budget, a solid and fairly complete device can be placed on the market. Well done to Nokia! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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