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The Nokia Asha 305 is another dual SIM offshoot from Nokia. Nokia seems to continue to resist the powerful OS (with the exception of Windows Phone) and strives to continue to show that the simplicity and reliability of its platform have its audience. And indeed, it seems so. The Nokia Asha 305 is a new phone with dual SIM features that strikes again where it hurts the least – in the price. The Nokia Asha 305 is a phone that is really worth every cent invested, and there will not be many of them in this case.
Nokia Asha 305 – a nice phone with two cards.

So, the Nokia Asha 305 is a phone that meets the basic needs of the users and does not compete in terms of specifications with others. This phone is made primarily to do what it was made for – to replace two phones.
The Nokia Asha 305 has a solid 3-inch screen.

Let’s start with the screen. The Nokia Asha 305 has, for a phone like this, a solid 3-inch TFT screen. This is a resistive screen, that is, one that is cheaper and of lower quality than the capacitive ones found on modern and powerful smartphones. The screen has a decent 240 × 400 pixels, or 155 ppi (pixels per inch), which is still better than models like the Galaxy Mini. Do you have an objection? Well, take a look at how much this dual SIM phone costs and everything will be clear to you. Dual SIM should be emphasized !!!
The Nokia Asha 305 has no 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

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Nokia Asha 305 Dual SIM

So, the two cards took a toll and lowered the specification at an acceptable price. Speaking of tribute and sacrifices, the first is the absence of a 3G network, so light surfing is forgotten here. At the same time, the Nokia Asha 305 does not have Wi-Fi, so the user must use the 2G “benefits”. Still, the 1 GHz processor is commendable, which Nokia applications (which are much lighter than Android’s) will certainly be easier to “drive”. Speaking so much about the two cards, it should be said that they are easy to insert on the side of the phone and that it is easy to choose which will go to number 1 and which to number 2.
The Nokia Asha 305 weighs only 98 grams.

With 12.8 mm, the Nokia Asha 305 is not the thinnest phone, but it will easily fit in any pocket and due to its weight of only 98 grams, you will sometimes forget to carry the phone at all.

Nokia Asha 305 – design and keys.

The Nokia Asha 305 has a rather interesting design, with a top and bottom in a different color and special hardware buttons on the sides (which is always commendable), while on the back there is the usual 2 MP camera that can be used if you don’t have a better optical device.
The Nokia Asha 305 has an expandable memory of up to 32 GB and a “mature” battery for 14 hours of talk time.

The memory is only 10 MB, but fortunately it can be expanded to standard and many times larger 32 GB. The battery is good for one Nokia as standard and allows talking for up to 14 hours (which is largely due to the absence of a 3G network), because its capacity is a mediocre 1,110 mAh. It is no longer necessary, many would say. The Nokia Asha 305 also has an FM radio, so this lightweight phone easily turns into a good travel friend, which will easily end your leisure time. The impact of leisure can also be minimized by playing some of the 40 already installed EA Games titles, and there is also a good Nokia Maps service.

Nokia Asha 305 – Pros and Cons.

When it all adds up and subtracts, the Nokia Asha 305 offers the same, if not more for its price and that makes this dual SIM phone very attractive. If you want to get rid of two phones, and at the same time you are an average user of mobile phones (from which you expect reliability) then the Nokia Asha 305 is the right phone for you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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