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And when we just think that Nokia made a phone with the longest lasting battery, we realize that we were wrong. It seems that the Finnish manufacturer will not give up until it makes a battery that, once charged, lasts forever.

A good basis for the realization of this ambitious plan is provided by the newly introduced Nokia 108 model, which comes in standard and dual SIM variants. The Nokia 108 and Nokia 108 dual SIM are the lowest priced phones.

This phone is intended for emerging markets, which do not need some high-resolution screens and high-speed Internet connections. The main feature of this phone is that in addition to calls and messages, it has a basic VGA camera and a battery that lasts an amazing 31 days!

Nokia 108 price

This phone may be one of the cheapest on the market, but that does not mean that it is not functional. This unusual Nokia will cost in the budget range. So something like one lunch at a restaurant.

Nokia 108 specification

Nokia 108 is a low-cost device, but what does the Nokia 108 offer for that money? More than we expect and more than we pay! That’s for sure.

The Nokia 108 has the aforementioned VGA camera, a 1.8-inch screen, which is of course in color, and a Nokia Slam service for easy file sharing. The phone also has a Bluetooth connection, as well as an FM radio, MP3 player and even a microSD memory expansion option, so this phone can be turned into a real small hard drive with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

When it comes to the dual SIM version, its battery is expected to hold battery less, so users of this version will have to settle for “only” 25 days.

Nokia 108 design and sales

Nokia 108 comes in an already tried and tested range of colors, so there are white, black, blue, yellow, and red. The Nokia 108 is expected to be available by the end of the year, and we will see if it will appear worldwide. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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