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Motorola RAZR i XT890

Motorola isn’t giving up lightly and seems to be very efficiently parrying (currently) leading companies like Samsung and Apple when it comes to high-end phones. The long-celebrated and quite justifiably accepted RAZR series got a new member, worthy of its RAZR name, this time “enhanced” by Intel Inside. That Intel is not the only carrier of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 project and its already seemingly fantastic circuit, is evidenced by numerous other performances such as Kevlar “armor”, 8MP camera, large display, but let’s go in order.

Dimensions and design

The dimensions of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 are 122.5 x 60.9 x 8.3 mm, and they are the frames of one of the most compact smartphones today, the compactness we have been craving since Nokia’s E series. The weight of 126 grams perfectly balances this device in the hands of users, the use of this model with one hand is an absolutely feasible task (thanks to the dimensions and display of 4.3 inches, which we will discuss in more detail below), but it is still a model that you can comfortably fit in the pocket of your pants, jeans without any hassle.

The construction of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 is quite impressive, and this also applies from the design aspect. This model boasts solid materials such as Kevlar (back cover) and the aluminum frame of the phone, which (unfortunately) is rarely seen in phones lately. It is these materials that deserve the mentioned strength of this model and we give a big plus to Motorola for this choice. The device itself is quite thin and slim, it fits nicely in the hands, the finish is great, all in all, the look itself is to be commended.

Above the display are the usual sensors, front camera, speaker, and a small LED signal light. Below the display is a microphone. On the left side of the device, there is a Micro USB Port, Micro-SIM, and Micro SD slot that share one common plastic cover. On the right side of the model, there is a button to lock and turn on the phone, a button to adjust the volume, and a button to activate the camera.

The nice thing about the camera button is that it activates the camera very quickly even when the phone is locked, so with this model, you won’t miss the opportunity to take a picture when it surprises you. At the top of the phone is a 3.5mm audio headphone jack.


The display of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 is a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced touchscreen display that has a fairly high 256ppi display density and which guarantees us good contrast. The same angles deserve the same praise, as well as the possibility of using this model even in strong sunlight. We can’t deviate from the praise when it comes to commenting on the colors on the display, which is not a big surprise when we know the type of display that this model is equipped with. Super AMOLED is not accidentally considered one of the best (if not the best) displays of today…


Motorola RAZR i XT 890 work with almost classic, factory Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system with only a few specifically for this model intended for changes. The overall experience of using this model leaves the impression of classic Android, which is given off by standard on-screen “buttons”, access to applications, the effects of changing the home screen and user notification areas.

One of the first visible changes in the user interface concerns the display lock. When the display is locked, the standard time, date, and useful access to the phone’s silent mode are visible. Pressing the round Unlock ring on the display opens 4 access options for applications. One is the unlock device, and the other three are the camera, text message, and the third is the phone (calling). The Device Menu itself is a standard ICS, as well as the creation of new folders… You will recognize these standard Ice Cream Sandwich settings in the phonebook, SMS messages, gallery,


The engine of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 is an Intel Atom Z2460 2GHz processorOn the other hand, we concluded that the fact that it is a single-core processor does not affect the performance of this model at all, but that it is a processor that easily rivals dual core competitors. Namely, AtomZ2460 supports Hyper thread-ing which enables this processor, ie one core, to process 2 information at the same time, and that practically means that it behaves like dual core processors.

According to further tests of this model, we got the results that Java Script and Google Chrome browser far exceed the possibility of much more elite competitors of this model with quad-core processors. The internal memory of this model “counts” 8GB (of which 5GB is available to the user), 1GB of RAM, but this model also has one great feature that, unfortunately, we rarely see in the latest models of today, and that is the ability to expand the memory with a Micro SD card up to a maximum of 32GB.

The weak point of this model would be its audio output, which is not as high quality as we expected from this model, but it is usable in any case. All in all, if you need a phone for quality sound and music listening, bypass the Motorola RAZR i XT 890.


The Motorola RAZR i XT 890 is equipped with an 8MP camera with an LED flash for shooting in low light conditions. The camera of this model takes images in a maximum resolution of 3264 × 2448 pixels. The user interface of the camera is recognizable by ICS segments, this model has a couple of shooting modes such as single-multishot option as well as scene types like Sport, Macro, HDR, or auto which decides which scene best suits the current frame.

According to tests of images, more precisely colors, contrast, white balance, and everything else that makes one image, this model has taken a golden mean, not standing out or falling below the average of the 8MP camera. The conclusion is that with the Motorola RAZR i XT 890 you get one solid camera with which you can take pictures that you will not be ashamed of.

Connections and Battery

When it comes to the available connection types of this phone, we must mention quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE, quad-band 3G with HSDPA speeds up to 21Mbps, and HSUPA up to 5.76Mbps. We are a little sorry that Motorola “forgot” to improve this model with the LTE connection, although in Europe it is not an indispensable thing for now, and such a connection would only further raise the price of this model, which would make it more difficult for it to break through and infiltrate the market. This model supports Wi-Fi b / g / ni full DLNA support and Bluetooth 2.1 version. RAZR also allows its user NFC connection, and data exchange with another phone with a clean touch of 2 phones.

One of the biggest and best improvements that celebrated the RAZR series is the fantastic performance of the battery, which was not lacking in the Motorola RAZR i XT 890. Motorola managed to achieve amazing results with this model with a Li-Ion 2000mAh battery that is not only a letter on paper but also tested results of 64 hours. This Ladies and Gentlemen mean that this phone with 1 hour of talk time per day, 1 hour of web browsing, and 1 hour of video content review, the battery of this model should be charged every 64 hours (almost 3 days). And that is currently unattainable for higher class phones with this kind of display or processor power.


If we had to define the model of the Motorola RAZR i XT 890, we would say that it is a model phone. It has performed well on all fronts, “essential” performance such as processor power, display quality, solid camera, and fantastic batteries are maximally respected with this model. What worries me the most is its (current) rather high price, which is a kind of trend, and to some extent understandable considering that it is a fairly fresh model.

It really seems that Motorola has done its best to produce a phone that impresses, but the final word is always on the side of critical customers who want the best for their money, which is absolutely understandable. It remains to be seen whether Motorola’s efforts will bear fruit… is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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