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In this article, I give you my mobile apps recommendation list. For you an overview of the top applications that you simply must have. To make my review more systematic, I have divided the applications into several groups and I believe that everyone will find something for themselves in these lists.

The best applications. Dear readers, these are the applications you should have!

Communication Apps

Mobile phones are primarily used for communication, so I will open this listing with this category. These are just some of the popular apps you can use on your smart devices:

  1. Skype – It can now be said that it is an old-timer (it was launched back in 2003) Skype still behaves well and fights very well with competitors. Chances are you already have this app installed, and in case you don’t, it’s the right time to get your Skype account and connect with all your friends and family (you won’t believe how many there are) who use this service completely free.
  2. Viber – this is a perfect replacement for SMS and is very popular with young people. Viber sends messages and video calls over the Internet, and one of its best features is that it allows you to quickly and easily exchange various files (especially images). What sets it apart from Skype is that it downloads your phonebook and automatically finds all your contacts without any need for you to tweak anything further. When you install Viber, you will be able to use it in just a few minutes and immediately start corresponding or chatting for free with your friends.
  3. Threema – and now a brand new service. What sets this app apart from the fact that it puts your privacy first. All conversations you have are completely protected and encrypted, and if you want you can be anonymous and neither your phone number nor any other contact information is shown to the other party.

Social Networks Apps

The second most important thing on our phones are definitely social networks. I believe you’ve already found apps for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but let’s see if there’s anything else out there that might benefit you:

  1. Fenix ​​(for Twitter) – if you are not happy with the official Twitter app (or one of the many replacements) this is a great choice. A very nice design adapted to smart devices and regular live notifications will improve the user experience for all tweeters and those who want to become one.
  2. Layout for Instagram – Instagram already has a great app, and this is an app that will take your Instagram experience to the next level. Here you can very easily edit the images you want, make collages out of them and post them on this social network. In addition, all those photos that you have “edited” will be available for use in other applications. Great, isn’t it?

News Apps

We all follow the news from various fields much more since smart devices became more widespread. Here are a few apps to help you find exactly the type of news that interests and inspires you:

  1. Feedly – if you are a fan of blogs and news that you follow via RSS this is a great app for you. It is very nicely designed and easy to use. All you have to do is create a list of all the websites you want to follow and that’s it. You can also use the same service on your computer, which makes it easy to create your news collections.
  2. Flipboard – this is a news aggregator that works in a slightly different way. Instead of choosing the sources you will follow (which is also supported), you only need to choose the topics that interest you. Flipboard will serve you texts from various world newspapers and magazines related to this topic, and they are worth reading.

Business mobile applications

Let’s get a little serious now and look at applications that can make our job easier. Today, when phones are so important to our business, that we can consider them our virtual assistants, there are many applications that are there to help us. Here are some of them:

  1. Office for Android – view, create or edit all Office documents from your phone. It sounds impossible, but it really works. All Office applications are fully optimized for smart devices, which means that they use touch commands in a very good way and are adapted to work on small screens.
  2. Tasker – this is one of the best Android task management applications. He will help you organize your obligations and follow them together with you. Not only will this app turn off the tone on your phone during a meeting or prevent you from scheduling two things at the same time, but it will also respond to your messages during a certain part of the day when it “knows” that you are very busy.

Time-saving mobile applications

We have included in this group all those small handy applications that will help you be more efficient and cope with your obligations more easily:

  1. Evernote – a great idea came to your mind, and you have nowhere to write it down? That’s why Evernote is here. Write down, take a picture or dictate your latest idea to this app and it will be available to you on all the devices you use. In addition, it is great for making simple task lists, if needed.
  2. Dropbox – if you haven’t tried this service, we suggest you do it today. It’s great, especially for people who use multiple devices and work with a lot of documents. Dropbox offers you the option to automatically save all your documents or pictures from your phone and allow you to have them available anywhere later.
  3. If – the previous name of this application ie was IFTTT (if this then that), which would mean that here you can create a set of rules that will be repeated when a certain action happens. For example, if I receive an email with a text document attached, then send it to Dropbox or if I take a photo, post it on Instagram. All these “rules” can save you a lot of time and help you get rid of some annoying actions that you often have to do.

Music / Radio Apps

Although there are a large number of different music players on the market, the phone is still a favorite device for listening to music. It is always at hand, it often has quality headphones and it is very convenient to pass the time while waiting for transportation or walking. Music applications that are very popular are:

  1. CloudPlayer – save your music in one of the Cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) and listen to it on your phone anytime and anywhere with the help of this powerful application. Yes, it’s similar to the Google Music Play app, but unlike it, it gives you the ability to save your favorite songs and albums anywhere.
  2. TuneIn Radio – one of the best radio applications you can find. It allows you to listen to thousands of different radio stations and choose exactly what kind of music you are listening to now. The only drawback is the numerous advertisements that appear in the free version, which can be solved by purchasing Tuneln ProRadio. Although, considering the price of $ 9.99, commercials are not such a problem.

Fitness mobile applications

In this group, we have included sports applications and applications that help you take care of your diet. A real hit for a couple of years now are the services that track your movements, count steps and show how active you actually are during the day. Now such services have gone a step further:

  1. Zombies, run! – you want to run, but are you bored? Then you should try this app. This is an audio game in which you are being chased by zombies, and you have to run to escape and survive. Believe me, your workouts have never been as exciting and dynamic as with this app.
  2. Google fit – chances are you already have this app on your phone. It not only tracks your activity during the day, but collects information from other applications you use and displays a complete report of your workouts.
  3. RunTastic Pro – create your own routes, enjoy great encouragement, track your pace and reports on personal progress. This app will be a very good pocket personal trainer that anyone can afford.
  4. Lifesum – this application tracks what you ate, how many calories you ingested, what your daily activities are and the number of calories you consumed during that time. Based on all these parameters, you will get a detailed analysis of your condition and fitness level at which you are. In addition, Lifesum will help you set your weekly and monthly goals and achieve them, and it will also tell you when you should eat more or less. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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