Misconceptions About Batteries On Smart Devices

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It is necessary to form a battery on a smart device. I can’t use the phone while it’s on the charger. Smartphone batteries have their own memory. These are just some of the misconceptions we constantly hear around us. So we decided to investigate which are the most common misconceptions about using batteries on smart devices and find out which of them are true and which are wrong.

It is necessary to form a battery on smart devices before we start using them

Wrong! Yes, once upon a time it was necessary to form a battery, at a time when batteries were based on nickel (Ni-Cd and Ni-MH). Today, when batteries are mostly lithium-based, there is no need to charge your smartphone for 12 hours, then discharge it completely, then recharge it… You can use your new smartphone as soon as you buy it, without having to wait for the battery to form and count down charging cycles.

You need to charge your smartphone first and then use it

This is another misconception. When you buy your new phone you can start using it right away. You will probably see that the battery is not 100% full, but there is no need for that. The battery on smart devices lasts best and longest when it is between 80% and 40% full. If by chance the battery on the phone you just bought is empty or less than 30% full, consider a complaint, because it is possible that the batteries in it are old or defective.

Batteries have their “memory”

And that “memory” allows them to remember how much you filled them before and to develop their capacity based on that. Mmm, not really. The battery on smart devices does not have its own memory and you can charge it whenever you want, even if it is more than 50% full. This charging mode will not affect your battery and its capacity.

Charging the phone overnight will damage the battery

Something like that will not happen. Smartphones and devices are smart enough to know when they are full, so they will stop charging. Your phone will not miss anything if you charge it overnight.

Another brand charger will damage my phone battery

This is another misconception. It is best to always charge your phone with the original charger, but if something like that is not possible, any charger will serve you quite well. It may take a little longer for another charger to charge your battery, as it is not optimized for your phone model, but it will definitely do the job.

Do not use your smart device while it is charging

People believe that the phone will charge better if it is not used while it is on the charger. But this belief has no basis. Even if you don’t type on your phone for a while, that doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t use various services and doesn’t start some background processes. Therefore, you have nothing to fear, feel free to use your phone while it is on the charger.

Using the internet consumes a lot of battery on smart devices

Let’s say this statement is only partially misleading. Connecting to the internet alone is not something that is detrimental to your battery life, but your internet-related activities can be. For example, if you use the Internet only to check your email and keep up to date with social events, the Internet will not consume your battery. However, if you play games over the internet, watch videos, and stream videos online, then the internet can be considered guilty. Although in this case, the bigger culprit is the demanding graphics than the internet itself, we won’t go into details.

The phone should never be turned off, if it turns off the battery on smart devices can be damaged

Definitely a delusion. On the contrary, smart devices need to be turned off from time to time so that they can “rest” a bit and empty their internal memory. So, whenever you can give your phone a break and turn it off at least briefly. He’ll like it.

The battery on smart devices will last longer if we put it in the refrigerator

It is true that batteries generally prefer cold to heat, but there is no need for extremes. So a refrigerator is out of the question. It is best to keep your phone at room temperature and not heat it up or cool it down too much. Such temperature changes can damage the battery and the device itself.

If I turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS battery lasts longer

And this claim is only partially true. These services do not drain the battery by themselves, but their use. So if your Bluetooth is on it doesn’t mean your battery will be immediately weaker just because of it; but if you use Bluetooth intensively you will feel that your battery drains much faster than it normally does.

These were the most common misconceptions about using batteries on smart devices that we come across. If you can think of any more, let us know and we will be happy to complete the list.

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