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In this article, you can read about Apple iPhone History. While we are looking forward to the most exciting event every fall – the launch of the new iPhone. Let’s remember how the era of the iPhone began and why exactly this phone is so special and by many the best in the world.

Our story begins in 2007. Steve Jobs, founder, and CEO of Apple announced that this company intends to change the way we use mobile phones. He added that it will be a device that is “an iPod that we control by touching the screen, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a great device for surfing the Internet.” Just a few months later, the iPhone was introduced, the first smartphone in the world, in the form in which we know them today.

Not to be confused, smartphones existed before the iPhone, but they were significantly different. There was a Blackberry, a smartphone with a hardware keyboard; Palm and Motorola with large screen and stylus; Nokia devices that were already complicated mini computers.

But, none of them had a touch screen, direct internet connection via WiFi (they used WAP), a camera that records video, and most importantly, they were intended only for a narrow group of business users. The 2007 smartphone was not something everyone would want to have. The iPhone has changed everything.

The first iPhone came out on June 29, 2007, and was completely different from anything that existed on the market at the time. It had a huge 3.5-inch screen that accepted commands with a touch, just one big button and it looked very powerful and elegant.

The first iPhone

In addition to the large capacitive display, the first iPhone supported WiFi, Bluetooth, had a 2-megapixel camera, and was available in two versions – with 4GB and 8GB of memory. It was the first phone with an accelerometer that allowed it to rotate the image depending on the position of the device.

It had a sensor that turns off the screen when the device is too close to the face and a sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to ambient light. It could be charged on iPod docks and synced via iTunes. In addition, he had a real internet browser (Safari) and not one that works over a WAP network.

As the first version of the revolutionary product, it also had a couple of serious flaws: it could only be used on the network of one mobile operator (AT&T in the US and all networks compatible with this), did not support MMS, 3G network, SD cards, did not have a file system, did not allow the “copy/paste” option, nor applications that are not part of the operating system.

Although many took these flaws very seriously and criticized Apple, for Apple fans and lovers of technology, this was a real revolution. To provide themselves with this highly desirable toy, people waited in line to buy their first iPhone. This practice has become a tradition, so the queues can be seen in front of all Apple Store stores when waiting for a new iPhone.

The first iPhone was not perfect, it was not even a complete product, but it was completely different from all other phones on the market. He pushed the boundaries of the possible and opened a new chapter in the world of mobile phones. The “era of smartphones” began with this phone.

The models that came later gradually repaired the flaws and added new options that made the iPhone one of the most desirable electronic devices on the planet. Here’s what it looked like in a nutshell:

  • iPhone 3G – comes out in July 2008 and brings support for 3G and GPS and opens a platform for third-party applications. It is sold in more than 70 countries around the world.
  • iPhone 3GS – arrives in the summer of 2009. It is faster and more efficient than its predecessor. Introduces copy/paste options, voice commands, and video recording capability.
  • iPhone 4 – was released in the summer of 2010. The first redesign of the device makes the iPhone look better than ever. The novelties presented here are the retina display, front camera, stronger and faster processor, and much more.
  • iPhone 4S – this is the first model that was launched in the fall, it was released in 2011, just a day before Steve Jobs passed away. The iPhone 4S also brings Siri significant improvements to the device’s hardware performance.
  • iPhone 5 – 2012 Apple launches another major redesign of the iPhone. It is now larger (has a 4-inch display), lighter and thinner. In addition, they got a new “unibody” case, a processor made in Apple, a sapphire crystal lens for the rear camera, a new charger connector, redesigned EarPod headphones, and much more.
  • iPhone 5C – The Model 5C comes with a plastic case and offers a wide range of colors. On the first weekend alone, this model sold 5 million copies. So much so that Apple will fail after Jobs.
  • iPhone 5S – In 2013, the characteristic “Home” button on the iPhone was redesigned for the first time and became round instead of the old square one.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – with the new generation of phones in 2014, the iPhone has become even bigger (with 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens), even thinner, and even lighter. In addition, he is still a real beast and king among smartphones.

The new iPhone arrives today. What we know for sure is that this phone will be a representative of the ninth generation of devices that really changed the way we use mobile phones. We believe that Apple will surprise us again this time with the newspapers that are waiting for us. Although some rumors can be found all over the internet, we will still wait to hear Tim Cook and the team before we start speculating.

Like it or not, it must be admitted that the iPhone is an impressive device that has pushed the boundaries of the possible in the world of mobile phones. He made phones smart, put the internet in the palm of our hand, introduced us to the world of mobile applications, started an avalanche in the production of similar phones.

Most importantly, the iPhone has brought smartphones closer to the wide market. While only 8 years ago they were used only by business people and people who deal with technology, today almost everyone has a smartphone. And all thanks to the iPhone!

And whether he is really the best is hard to say. What is certain is that the iPhone is the most inventive device that has appeared among mobile phones in the last ten years. We will see in a couple of hours whether it will stay that way. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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