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Nowadays, hair removal has become an imperative for a woman’s beauty. Hair is unacceptable on almost the entire body, and most women remove their earrings. The reasons for this are most often aesthetic and sometimes, in the case of armpit hair removal, and of a hygienic nature. It has long been believed that removing a boy must be complicated and painful. Due to the high demand for hair removal, countless many almost painless and effective methods for this have been developed, and we list some of the most popular below.


If we want smooth legs or armpits, shaving is the fastest possible method. A quality razor, a little care but also shaving foam tools are essential for this. It is important to change the razor or razor blades regularly and keep them sterile. Since shaving dries out the skin, it is important to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to the legs and armpits, which will restore the balance of the skin after the shaving process. Shaved legs will remain smooth for up to two days, so due to the short-term effects, many decide to replace this method with someone else.

Waxing or strips

Waxing is most often done in beauty salons because the process itself is complicated and can be painful. One of the most popular treatments for this type of depilation is Brazilian depilation, which effectively removes hair from the groin area. The effects of this method of hair removal last up to three weeks, but those who are less resistant to pain refrain from this method. Depilation of this type can also be done at home, with various pastes and strips for depilation. In the case of sensitive skin, this can create short-term irritations and is recommended only for the brave and resistant to pain.

Depilation with cream

Depilatory creams can be found in every better-equipped shop, and they work by applying them to the area of ​​the body that we want to get rid of unwanted hair, wait for them to start working, and wash them afterward. This method is extremely painless, but not completely harmless, since these creams work thanks to the chemicals they contain.


Permanent laser hair removal is one of the most painless and effective methods of hair removal. Lasers prevent further hair growth and after a few repetitions of the treatment, the hair permanently stops coming out on the parts of the body where they are undesirable to us. This treatment is performed by trained experts, and unlike other methods of removing unwanted hair, as a side effect, it almost never has long-term skin irritation or hair growth and is often used to solve these problems that most often occur using other hair removal methods.

Mechanical hair removal

Mechanical epilation is performed with electric or battery epilators. We can do it at home and it removes hair from the roots. It is great for smaller areas such as earrings, but on larger areas of the skin, it can not only be very painful but can also cause irritation and ingrown hairs, so it is necessary to approach this method carefully.


For areas like eyebrows or earrings since ancient times one of the most popular methods is plucking with tweezers. This method is great because even though it can be painful at first, the skin gets used to it and we can quickly remove unwanted hair in a home environment. However, plucking hair can result in ingrown toenails when it becomes clogged, so it is important to assess in time how much this method suits us. It is not applicable to larger areas of the skin because it can be painful, but it also takes too much time.

Removing unwanted hair sometimes takes a lot of money and energy, and constant changes in trends in this field lead to frustration. Following decades of trends, desirable eyebrow thickness, for example, has changed constantly and many women have regretted having had it permanently removed. On the other hand, removing earrings or underarm hair requires more permanent solutions, and therefore it is important to choose the most effective method based on your own habits and needs. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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