Application of Needle Bearings

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Cylindrical roller bearings whose rolling elements are cylinders are called needle roller bearings. The catalog of these bearings is constantly expanding, and their diameter is much smaller than their length. The needles are rolling bodies, and they are located in a cage that is at an appropriate distance.

They are in a parallel position with each other, and the force is transmitted in the radial direction. They have a lower inertial force, and they have higher strengths and are made so that they can withstand a large oscillation.

They can operate in limited and difficult conditions, and the sale of bearings of this type is growing, because they are extremely important in industries that use machines for great efforts.

Properties of needle bearings

There are several types of needle roller bearings. Some of them have neither an outer nor an inner ring, and most bearings do not have an outer ring. Ringless needle bearings have only a cage. It is located between the housing and the shaft sleeves and holds the needles.

The cage relies on surfaces that must be well sanded, extremely hard and that have small deviations in shape.

Since they are very rigid, these bearings imply very precise shaft guidance, but also the accuracy of surface treatment. They transmit radial loads, and due to their constructions, they are suitable for oscillatory rotational motion.

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Use of needle bearings

Needle roller bearings are used for machine tool supports, as sleeves for electromagnetic couplings, but also for shafts of electrical devices. Their main use is for medium and lower speed. They are used in cars, engines, transmissions, axle carriers, brake and control systems, in the textile industry, for electrical appliances, fax machines, but also for photocopiers and equipment used for making paper, as well as for many other devices.

Although you may have never thought about it, the use of bearings is widespread. It can be rightly said that most devices would not be able to function normally without these parts.

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Rings for needle roller bearings

Apart from the fact that the sale of bearings is popular, rings are also in demand, and the inner rings for needle bearings can be found in two different series. It is about LR and IR series. The IR series rings are available with or without machining accessories and without and with a lubrication hole.

Both the LR and IR series of inner rings are characterized by the fact that they enable greater axial movement of the shaft, and different widths are offered. Also, they are slightly wider than standard sizes. Whether the ring fits smoothly or has interference, the products must be fastened to prevent axial movement.

Roller for needle roller bearings

Before buying, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the needle bearings. Prices depend on the manufacturer’s model, but also on the purpose of the bearing itself. Also, it was necessary to consider what a roller is like with needle bearings.

Here’s why!

If the speeds are low or highly oscillating the rollers can be used to design a complete bearing arrangement. They are economical and have a high load capacity. They are made of chromed carbon steel, and their strength, according to the Rocckell scale for determining the hardness of the material, ranges from 58 to 65 HCR.

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