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The LG G Watch is one of the first Android smartwatches, and also among the cheaper ones, which could pave the way for the wider application and popularization of this type of device. The LG-branded smartwatch has embarked on a path that Sony Smartwatch has already tried, several Samsung-branded watches and more.

Like all of them, the LG G Watch aims to shorten your “troubles” so that you no longer have to reach for your Android phone in your pocket. It will be enough to take a look at your new watch from time to time, and that’s it.

LG G Watch design

This smartwatch will not make you buy it with its appearance. Even if you are a big fan of LG products, the question is whether you would reach for the LG G Watch, because there is no label on it.

The only place where the manufacturer’s logo with the label is is the background, which as a rule is not visible. So, the design is built on the foundations of minimalism. It is very comfortable to wear, and official data say that it weighs 63g.

The edges are nicely rounded, and the rubber bracelet is soft and pleasant to the touch, although due to the material it is made of, it can be suitable for sweating, but if it doesn’t suit you, you can replace it with a bracelet of your choice.

The LG G Watch is waterproof, so it is understandable why there are no visible ports on the outside. The battery charging pins are located at the back, so everything looks harmonious and simple.

LG G Watch screen

This is the most important part of any smartwatch. Specifically, this model has a 1.65-inch IPS LCD screen with 280×280 pixels, which yields 240 pixels per inch. So, the LG G Watch also has more details than it needs.

If you think that the screen is not big enough, you should keep in mind that enlarging the screen would also increase the dimensions of the watch, which would then become too bulky.

The screen has quite good viewing angles, which is crucial for such devices. However, the problem is that the screen is not readable enough in daylight and that is something that spoils the impression of the LG G Watch. The screen responds very nicely to the touch.

LG G Watch specification and performance

Beneath the surface is a Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2GHz, which works in combination with 512MB of RAM. At the same time, the LG G Watch offers 4GB of storage space for your data.

Processors are not such an important topic when it comes to smart watches, unlike pamethin phones. The reason is that they do not have as much work as their colleagues with SIM cards.

The LG G Watch works without downtime and navigation through options runs without hacking. However, the interface is quite simple compared to other devices, so this is understandable.

Whether due to design or something else, only the LG G Watch does not have a microSD port, so the internal memory is the only thing you have as a base for your files.

Admittedly, most of the functions for which it is destined, the LG G Watch performs through sensors that monitor your movement, so they can serve as a step counter (with the help of the Fit app) or a compass.

The watch is able to wake up every time you look at it, but you can set the screen to be on all the time if you want, while the battery lasts shorter.

The battery itself has 400mAh, which is enough for some two, maximum two and a half days of normal use.

The watch connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth and what is important is that you are not required to use LG phones. All that matters is that they have a 4.3 or newer version of the Android OS.

The Android Wear app (downloaded from Google Play) has a charge interface that gives you insight into all the information you need. At the same time, it allows you to filter what types of notifications you will receive. Notifications can vary a lot depending on the type and application you get it through, so it’s best to play around with it a bit and see which combination suits you best.

The LG G Watch works as a stopwatch, alarm, but thanks to advanced Google functions, it can also be used as a navigation with voice instructions, to-do list, etc.

Although it has a microphone, the LG G Watch does not have a speaker, so you can’t take a call from your phone, like some other similar devices (say Samsung Gear 2 Neo ).

The microphone is used to give voice commands to Google Now. The watch recognizes the voice quite well, even when you are outside, ie. as long as there isn’t some too much noise around you.

The problem with voice commands can be that you happen to send a message without first being sure if it has the content you wanted. Everything goes somehow fast and sometimes out of control.

LG G Watch conclusion

With a price of almost 200 euros (August 15, 2014), the LG G Watch will not be available to everyone. My guess is that, at least initially, it will be bought by tech-savvy people and those with a deeper pocket who want to try out what it looks like to wear a smartwatch on your hand.

Is the LG G Watch the right choice? It all depends, but I have the impression that this first LG child has not yet suffered from childhood diseases, and that the real improvements and improvements could be seen in the next model.

The competition is not bad, although this is still new territory, and we have already mentioned some of the models. The LG G Watch lacks options, the screen loses visibility in daylight, and the battery life is not very champion.

So, if you can’t wait another 6-12 months for a newer and better model to come out, I recommend the LG G Watch. Otherwise, it is almost certain that LG will pay a lot more attention to some new G Watch.

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