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The LG G Pro Lite Dual is an affordable Dual SIM device, which comes as a successor to the original LG Optimus Pro G. With this model, LG wanted to fill the gap it had in the category of medium-expensive models, but also to show that consumers can count on phones with big screens when it comes to LG. That is why the display, combined with the price, will decide the fate of this phablet.

The LG G Pro Lite Dual has a lot to offer. It is a device with a huge screen, great features, and good sound quality, but also a device with average performance and a slightly weakened camera from which more was expected.

LG G Pro Lite Dual design

This large phone looks almost identical to the original model from the front. The case is made of glittering plastic, while the side edges are covered with a thin layer of chrome.

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LG G Pro Lite Dual White

The LG G Pro Lite Dual has a nice texture on the back, which sets it apart from the competition, especially from Samsung’s models. However, the surface attracts fingerprints and other dirt, so it takes some time to accept that as normal.

The LG G Pro Lite Dual has dimensions of 150.2 x 76.9 x 9.4 mm, which makes it quite difficult to handle. Also, this phone has problems adjusting to the standard pants pocket. On the other hand, it is to be commended that the capacitive keys respond nicely to touch and provide true enjoyment during use.

LG G Pro Lite Dual screen

The IPS LCD 5.5-inch screen is definitely the main trump card here. But its poor resolution of just 540 × 960 pixels can be a problem. If this was a smaller screen, the lack of quality would not be so noticeable, but when you only have 200 pixels per inch, things are different.

However, it is surprising that the screen displays good colors. For example, when you view captured photos, the image is very good. A big plus is the viewing angles, so you can invite the company to watch some interesting videos or a short movie together.

LG G Pro Lite Dual software

This phablet runs on the 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) Android operating system, which means that LG is a little late with the adoption of fresh software in this case. At the same time, the G Pro Lite is equipped with an Optimus UI 3.0 user interface, which means a lot of customization and personalization.

In addition, the LG G Pro Lite Dual has some additional features, such as Guest mode, Smart Share and KnockON, and the so-called. “Silent” mode for peaceful sleep without unnecessary warnings and tones.

LG G Pro Lite Dual Camera

The main camera has 8MP, while the secondary has a 1.3 MP sensor. This means you’ll be able to take 3264 × 2448 pixel photos and HD video in 720p quality. The camera is equipped with standard options, but not with the much-needed HGR and macro modes.

The photos have enough detail, but the choice of colors can be better. The LED flash is very useful, but since it is very strong, you should be aware that photos were taken nearby or in not-so-bad light conditions will not be as good as you hoped.

LG G Pro Lite Dual Conclusion

Everyday activities, such as browsing the Internet, typing text, listening to music, and watching videos, the LG G Pro Lite Dual performs without difficulty. The story is completely different when it comes to games, so we can safely say that this is not a gaming phone, which is a shame, considering the big screen. The 3.140 mAh battery is enough for one day of normal use.

All the default connections are there (with an IR port that allows you to transform the phone into a remote control), with the exception of NFC, HDMI, and 4G connections, but that is not crucial for the overall rating of this phablet. Of course, don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a Dual SIM phone and that it offers the convenience of using two cards, with a special button for that purpose.

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