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In this article, I help you learn how to take good photos with a mobile phone (guide). How many times have you just taken a dozen photos without any of them being good? Either it’s blurry, and you cut off half of someone’s face because you can’t see anything from the sun, or someone doesn’t like how it turned out in that photo where everyone else turned out nicely.

Then you become upset. Not to mention those who take a hundred photos and maybe like one. And there are such. To prevent things like this from happening to you, I share a few tips on how to take good photos with your mobile phone on vacation.

What do you need to know to take good photos with your mobile phone? Here are some quick tips.

Carry your mobile phone with you at all times, whether in a bag, holster or hands.

Grease remains on camera lens, maybe body sweat, or dust. To take good photos, it is necessary to clean the camera. It would be best to do it with a cloth like the one you use to wipe the glasses of your glasses.

The next thing you need to do is include lines (grid or gridlines) in the camera setup to help you take photos. They look like an H-letter (Featured picture above).

Last but not least, hold the phone with both hands and take a photo using your thumb or forefinger. If you hold the phone with one hand, chances are your photos will be blurry.

How to take good photos with a mobile phone?

  1. Use lines.
    You can use the lines you set to take a good photo. They can help you take symmetrical photos. All you need to do is have your photo follow the lines you see, either horizontally or vertically.
  1. Use a frame.
    When you want to paint something interesting, imagine a frame that frames your photo and click. Imagine that you are painting a wall of a house with some creeping flowers on it. Of course, the edges of that wall are your frame. Another thing you can use is a frame within a frame. Think of it as a window on that wall. Use this trick and let us know the results.
  2. Rule number 3. This rule will help you take almost professional photos. What is it? Keep the focus on your photos at the intersection of the lines . It would be best to have two focuses, e.g. head and arm, and that the positioners are diagonal.
  1. Take photos in natural light.
    Always, but always use natural lights. Avoid painting next to lamps, chandeliers. Believe it or not, you can also find natural light sources at night. Just give it a try, because photos taken under natural light are more natural and better.
    Have you ever wondered why people often take pictures by the window? That is the answer. And never, but never go against the sun. The subject of good photography must face the sun to be seen, but the sun can go into your eyes, so use glasses or a hat. If you do the opposite, count on your face or something else not being visible from the shadows.
  1. Use odd numbers.
    Somewhere in the universe, there is an unwritten rule that photographs are good that have an odd number of objects . For example, if you paint three colors. They look much nicer in a photo than if there were only two of them. But if you have four children, you can’t separate any of them from the photo just because of this rule. Either set them so that the photo is symmetrical or use the odd number rule. Let three of them stand and one sit. This does not have to apply only to children, but to your friends, flowers, palm trees, anything that catches your eye.
  1. Turn on HDR.
    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. When you want to take good photos, the camera struggles to capture details in the darkest (shadows) and brightest (highlights) areas. Two possible situations can occur. The first is that the light is properly exposed, and that the shadows are very dark. The second is that the shadows are properly exposed, and that the light is too bright. To prevent this from happening, turn on HDR in the camera settings and you will get a properly lit photo.
  1. Use glasses.
    Everyone on vacation wears glasses to protect their eyes from the sun. You can use them to take unusual photos. Put your glasses in front of the lens and click. You can also do this with eyeglasses. You can spray them with water and get a better effect.
  2. Change your perspective.
    Don’t limit yourself to photos from only one angle, where the subject is in front of you. Change your perspective. Start with a frog, a bird, experiment. This way you will definitely take unique and good photos.
  1. Play.
    Try to use some objects when taking photos. Play with them. Also play with light, settings. Be brave. Sometimes for a good photo you need to climb a tree, sometimes to adjust the light, sometimes to calm people down. If you want good photos do your best.


There is no single recipe for good photos! But there is one very important ingredient, and that is patience. A good photo is not created by endless clicking. You have to work for it. In addition to the right moment, you also need the right angle, a little imagination and you will surely take a beautiful photo. The one you will watch with delight.

And remember, you will never please everyone. Even if you take hundreds of photos, there will always be someone who didn’t turn out well. It is up to you to decide whether and which photo to take or publish somewhere. I hope that these tips will help you and that your photos will be great!

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