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Each of us loves to spend time in our backyard. In it we relax, rest and relax, forgetting about the everyday twitches that modern life brings with it. In addition, a yard is a favorite place for many to have fun with family and friends. That is why it is important that the arrangement of the yard is such that it creates a pleasant ambiance, just as it is the case with interior design.

However, if your yard is too small, you may find it harder to arrange it in the right way. But don’t worry – with a little creativity and the right ideas and tricks, even the exteriors of a very small area can turn into a pleasant and cozy corner in your home.

There are many ways to visually “add” space to the yard and make it look bigger and fully functional. From the trick with garden mirrors, through the selection of miniature and columnar plants, to the correct selection and arrangement of garden furniture, there are many great options for arranging the outdoor space of a small area. Many beautiful and practical elements can give your small yard a beautiful look and create a visual feeling of more space.

Below we give you a few ideas for decorating a small yard.

Enlarge the space with contrast

To create an effective contrast, tiled surfaces in a small yard can best serve you. Thanks to modern production technologies, the most diverse behaton slabs and other concrete products are offered on the market today, with a rich choice of colors and shapes. Paths, stairs, terraces, and other spaces in the yard paved with concrete cubes in a contrasting color will give the appearance of a separate space, and thus the optical illusion that your yard is bigger than it actually is.

Tile part of the yard yourself

By tiling one part of the yard, you will get a separate, separate whole that will open the space. The advantage of small yards is that small areas are paved, which you can do yourself. If the entire space is extremely small, it will be enough to pave only the surface on which you can place the garden furniture. You will get a beautiful corner for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Rope swing

If you are a parent of small children and you have a yard with a cramped space, that can be a problem, because families with children need a yard the most. However, there is a solution here as well. If you lack space for swings, seesaws and other props for children’s play, you can use a branch of a tree that grows in the yard and make a swing with ropes on it. This way, you will save space for other purposes, and you will provide children with good fun in the shade.

Partitioning the yard

For very small yards, you can simply separate one part and make a yard in the yard. First, plan the space for planting plants, and then pave a certain part with bricks or behaton cubes and border it, either with a natural hedge or a fence made of wood or metal. This way you will make the whole space look bigger.

A bench around a tree trunk

If you do not use the tree to place the swing, then you can use it for a bench and thus provide additional seating space that takes up minimal space. Make a practical bench around the larger tree you have in the yard with the help of planks. Here’s how:

These benches are useful in many ways – they are a beautiful decorative element, do not consume much space, and can be used for sitting. Before you start making a bench, keep in mind how old the tree is and whether it will still grow, and try to leave enough space for the tree to continue to grow and spread unhindered.

Use the wall of the house or the fence to make a hidden corner in the yard

No matter how small the exterior of your home is, you will surely want to have one hidden corner in it for more privacy. It would be most practical to use buildings as a hidden place, such as the wall of the house or a fence for the yard, while you can close the other sides with screens, planters, plantings of creeping plants or hedges.

One of the best solutions is definitely the vine, which can perfectly protect a part of the yard from the sun and from unwanted views, and you will also be able to enjoy the taste of grapes.

Optical illusion with garden mirrors

Using optical illusion is a great solution for maximizing space. For this idea, you can use garden mirrors that are easy to make, so you can make them yourself. Make them look like half-open windows, where the reflection of your yard in the mirror will look like an extension of the yard and garden:

Garden mirrors are usually placed on the yard fence, and it is best to take a lawn or a part of the garden with flowers and plants as a background, in order to create the effect of its extension of the garden outside the yard fence.

Vertical garden

Vertical gardening is a popular trend in landscaping small yards and can be done very easily. Attach metal holders for plastic pots or planters to the wall or yard fence. You can also install wooden shelves.

This will allow you to create a vertical garden that saves space and can look very decorative if you choose the right plants. Keep in mind that, in addition to making beautiful decor in your small yard, gardening is one of the best hobbies.

Low-growing (dwarf) plants for small yards

One of the solutions for choosing plants that you will grow in a small yard is dwarf plants. Plant decorative dwarf conifers and you will save space for planting other plants that you have chosen for decoration.

Columnar fruits

Columnar plants, such as columnar apple, pear, peach, allow you to have enough light in the yard, so you can plant other low types of plants under them for even more beautiful decoration. And after flowering, in late summer and autumn, healthy and beautiful fruits of columnar fruit are waiting for you. So a double benefit!

Bonsai and miniature gardens

Even the smallest yard in the world will have enough space for a garden if the plants are miniature. The best examples are miniature garden plants, terrariums, and bonsai trees. Although they are usually grown indoors, such plants can be taken outside during the summer. It is only necessary to place them in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight in the hottest part of the day.

As you can see, no matter how small the yard of your home, there are ways to arrange it so that it is practical, and to make your stay in it a real pleasure. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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