How is the Make-up Base Applied Correctly [Explained]

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Is it time to apply makeup again? Tired of constantly applying liquid powder? Can dirty hands and unevenly applied foundations be avoided? No less, no more, it’s all a matter of practice. If you are well-trained, you will put on make-up in an instant. No dirty hands and unevenly applied foundation. You just need good cosmetics.

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What do professional makeup artists say?

The first and most important piece of advice from any professional make-up artist is to provide good and long-lasting cosmetics. The online shop is available at any time, and here’s everything you need to know if you want to apply makeup properly.

Wash your face first, then apply a moisturizer, then a make-up base. Thanks to the quality foundation, you will have an even complexion, and you will apply makeup more easily and it will stay on your face longer.

Since cosmetics are available online, we recommend that you choose a foundation that suits your skin type. Each face foundation contains a special formula that reduces blush and reduces wrinkles. But pay attention to the following.

Apply liquid foundation on the outside of the hand. Although it is different for everyone, a sufficient amount is approximately in the form of a coin.

Put the foundation on a thick brush, and then apply it with a brush on the cheeks, edges of the face, nose, and chin. If you put the brush in the powder once, the amount will be enough for all the parts of the face that we have listed.

Then move to the nose. Point in small strokes across the cheeks towards the border of the face, and then continue further to the center of the cheeks. Repeat the procedure for the chin.

You can remove the remnants of the foundation by spotting the areas of the face above and below the lips. In the end, the right and left parts of the lips come, because these are specific parts of the face where wrinkles are created during laughter.

Prepare the area around the eyes especially for make-up!

Carefully apply foundation to the area around the eyes. It is enough to apply the foundation on the edge of the brush, and then gently point out the part around the eyes. Put more foundation around the inner edge of the eye, because in this area of ​​the face, the eyelids are most pronounced. Apply a small layer of foundation on the upper lid and the area around the eyebrows.

Then comes the forehead. Carefully emphasize this part of the face, and apply the foundation all the way to the root of the hair so that the color difference is not noticed. Apply the rest of the foundation on the whole face and neck. Apply a barely noticeable layer of foundation on the area around the lips where wrinkles form because that way you will avoid the accumulation of foundation.

To unite and even out the base properly, go through the circular movements of the brush on the face at the end and wait for 5-6 minutes for the base to dry. Then move on to makeup.

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Choose powder according to skin type!

After the foundation, the powder is applied to the face, and depending on the skin type, choose the appropriate liquid or stone powder. If your skin is oily, then apply powder, because your face will be better matte. And then apply concealer. Before the liquid powder, the concealer is applied, while first the stone powder is applied, and then the concealer.

Except for darker dark circles, concealer is a great solution for covering blemishes and pimples. Under the eyelids, the concealer should be applied in the shape of the Latin letter V.

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For the perfect complexion, use Max Factor bronzer!

Use bronzer to contour the face. If you have quality bronzers such as Rimmel bronzer or Max Factor, your face will have a radiant and naturally tanned glow. Use a brush with shorter and firmer bristles for precise contours, because if you apply Max Factor bronzer correctly, you will get a perfect tan look.

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