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In this article, I give you my quick review of the HTC Zeta mobile phone with specs included. The global blogging community dealing with mobile technologies is simply glowing with discussions and comments dedicated to images of HTC’s smartphone model called Zeta.

This model is, to put it mildly, a beast because according to the first information, HTC Zeta surpasses everything seen in the world of mobile devices (at launch), and the beginning of the end of the PC industry is not ruled out.

The reason for this is the performance of this phone, which easily matches desktop computers, and the need to use them will simply disappear over time, because who needs a home computer if you have a pocket device with the same capabilities.

The HTC Zeta measures 109.8 x 60.9 x 9.8mm and weighs 146 grams. It has a memory of 32GB, a solid primary camera of 8 MP as well as an auxiliary camera of 1.3 MP. The camera is also equipped with a dual-LED flash capable of producing 1080p video.

The design of the HTC Zeta is correct in our opinion, while potential users of this model are divided, but there is really no need to argue about that because the tastes are different.

On the front of the camera, there is a huge and striking 4.5 inch 720p HD display while the back of this camera is a bit like a turtle’s armor, but the leaked pictures clearly show that the camera is harmoniously “inserted” into the camera itself, which is certainly a nice thing in terms of protection cameras.

This look of HTC Zeta is in any case extremely unusual for HTC, which has not made drastic changes in terms of design in years, so this new look is a real refreshment for this company.

HTC Zeta functions with a pre-installed Ice Cream Sandwich and features an amazing 2.5GHz quad-core APQ8064 processor with 1GB of RAM. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the turning point where the problems and doubts about the truth of this news begin.

Considering the information that this device is equipped with a 1,830mAh battery, the logical question of anyone who handles this material at all is – why?

For all those who are weaker in these streams, we will also explain why… Well, first of all, the 4.5-inch display is extremely energy-intensive, not to mention the 2.5GHz quad-core processor, which is not only energy-intensive but for whose cooling is also required for smooth operation.

Even with processors that are “weaker” than this, there is the problem of overheating the device. This leads to the conclusion or. doubts about the viability of such a device because the battery would have to be charged extremely often.

The general opinion of mobile phone users is that although a lot of work is being done to improve software and components such as processors or displays that are increasingly demanding in terms of energy, manufacturers have neglected the development of batteries that simply can not keep up with them.

”Appliances require daily charging. We would be extremely glad to announce the news related to the incredible breakthrough of technology in the field of energy components of our devices as soon as possible.

With the limited information we have so far, we can only wait with a dose of skepticism for some more complete information related to HTC Zeta. It is possible that this downloaded news is just a work of someone’s hidden fantasies, but let’s use the old and proven folk saying: “where there is smoke, there is fire”. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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