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HTC One Mini 2 is a mini version of the currently best model that this Taiwanese company has in its offer. So, the One Mini 2 is the younger brother of the strong and aluminum-chained One M8. This would mean that this phone should not be confused with the One Mini model, which appeared last year, and is a scaled-down version of the original HTC One. Also, you will come across someone calling this phone the One M8 Mini, but the official name is still different. Still, it is enough to look at One Mini 2 and know that he is his younger brother.

HTC One Mini 2 design

This year was marked by 5-inch models. The trend of phone growth continues, and the announcements that the new iPhone 6 will join the club support this. However, not everyone wants to occupy both hands by holding the phone. That is why these “mini” versions exist.

However, for those who still think that mini phones are the same power-packed in a smaller package, we will have to break the illusions. It is difficult to put the same specifications in two different packages. Let common sense say that if you pack something strong in a small package, then it must cost more. As the One Mini 2 costs less than the original, it is clear that it has been saved somewhere.

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HTC One Mini 2 Colors

Visually, the One Mini 2 is almost identical to the One M8. However, when you take a closer look, you can see that the areas around the screen are larger, the speakers, as well as the entire phone, are smaller. However, if you put two phones next to each other, you will hardly notice any drastic differences. The mini also has some advantages. Smaller and more practical dimensions, with a few mm more at the waist, make it easier to hold.

There is not as much aluminum here as in the larger model, but again quite enough that the plastic does not take precedence and that you still have the great feeling that this light metal provides in your hands. Official data say that as much as 70% of the surface is covered with aluminum, which is 20% less than with the One M8, but still impressive. And the little plastic that is here is of pretty good quality, so it fits in perfectly with this metal design.

The difference compared to the M8 is mostly seen in the back where the dual UltraPixel camera is missing, instead of which is a “classic” camera with 13MP and LED flash. When it comes to the layout of the keys, there is a metal volume control button on the side, as well as a microSD slot, while on the opposite side there is a nanoSIM port.

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HTC One Mini 2 White All Sides and Ports

Of course, there is also a micro USB port, as well as a standard audio input at the top, where the main button is, which is sometimes a little harder to press, so you will need time to get used to either simply turn off / turn on the phone with your other hand or a little. put it down ”and thus bring it closer to your index finger.

In the hands of the One Mini 2, it looks somehow softer, probably due to the small dimensions and the involvement of plastic in the design. However, its appearance was never questioned, and with a weight of 137 g, the One Mini 2 is certainly not heavy. All in all, the One Mini 2 is a nicely packaged 4.5-inch “kid” with a great deal of similarity to the original One M8.

HTC One Mini 2 screen

HTC has decided to give its new mini a 4.5-inch LCD screen with 720P resolution. In terms of the number of pixels, the One Mini 2 is equal to the iPhone, which has 326. When you take the phone in your hands, it means that this “little one” has a great amount of screen brightness, as well as very good viewing angles. When you expose your phone to sunlight, you won’t have any problems with it at all. His older brother is expected to have a slightly more vivid color, but nothing terrible.

HTC specification and performance

As you can see at first glance, the One Mini 2 has kept the BoomSound speakers, which is great news, because it seems that no other speakers can provide such an audio atmosphere as these. Compared to those on the larger model, they are not as loud, but they far surpass any other speakers from smartphones.

When it comes to components below the surface, there is a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz and Adreno 305 graphics, which corresponds to the configuration as with the Desire 816. In addition, there is 1GB of RAM, which is a bit strange and minimally enough for one Android phone that appeared in May 2014! At the same time, the phone offers 16GB of internal memory, of which about 11GB is available to the user, which is not bad, and for those who do not, there is a MicroSD slot for a maximum of 128GB.

I mentioned that the phone only has 1GB of RAM. However, HTC has managed to optimize the performance of this likable “mini”, so some noticeable differences in performance compared to the One M8 can not be noticed. The One Mini 2 works pretty well. During the time we tested this model, we did not notice any delays or delays in opening applications. So everything flows as lubricated.

When it comes to software, the One Mini 2 brings almost the same personality as its larger cousin. With the HTC Sense 6 interface, everything is somehow ok and most reminiscent of the One M8 and identical to what the aforementioned Desire 816 offers. News, as well as with standard widgets for time, calendar, music, etc. The only thing missing is Zoe, an option that gave a lot of camera and gallery options with the One M8, but that’s something to be expected because, as I said, you can’t have two identical phones in different packages.

When it comes to battery life, the One Mini 2 relies on an irreplaceable 2,100mAh battery. At first glance, this capacity does not seem enough for this amount of power, but the One Mini 2 still shows that it can cope with its bigger brother in something else. When it comes to combined, or average, use, the One Mini 2 can easily last all day. If you do not overdo the battery during the day, it can serve you tomorrow morning. If you need automatic power limitation, the One Mini 2 has a special mode available that reduces processor power, shuts down demanding applications, and more.

HTC One Mini 2 camera

HTC has decided to save the UltraPixel technology only for the leading One M8 model. Instead, the One Mini 2 uses a classic 13MP sensor, the same as the Desire 816. In front, there is a rather generous 5MP camera for increasingly popular selfies and video calls, which has a large angle and even a few people can easily enter the frame, as and beautification filters that we see more and more often on new models.

When it comes to the main camera, it is somehow the complete opposite of what we saw from the UltraPixel camera from the One M8, which was fast, great in low light conditions, and a bit uncomfortably insufficiently brilliant in nice light. One Mini 2 takes quite good photos during the day, while, as expected, it bothers a little more in low light. It would be incorrect to say that this is an average camera because it is able to “capture” and display really strong colors and a lot of details. It often happens that the photos are a little diluted, which sometimes even HDR fails to solve.

When it comes to video, the camera has the ability to record full HD footage, but it doesn’t seem to use all the potential given to it. The video can be without enough detail, which some competitors know how to use and offer cleaner footage. The lack of an option called Zoe, which combines taking photos and videos at the same time, is most noticeable here. At the same time, a few more standard modes are missing, which is a real shame.

HTC One Mini 2 conclusion

If you long for the One M8 and don’t have enough money for it, then the One Mini 2 is the right thing to do. This phone brings almost the same pleasure as its bigger brother, for less money. Admittedly, the One Mini 2 costs quite a bit at the moment (end of July 2014). The reason for that is that the model is new, but it is realistic to expect that after a while the price will go down. As with similar models, this size is the main advantage.

The HTC One Mini 2 is a phone that fits nicely in the hand and which, unlike its larger cousin, slides less out of the hands, while retaining that great aluminum look that makes them so recognizable in the world of smartphones.

In terms of design, the One Mini 2 is at the level of M8, while the performance is adjusted to the expectations that go with this model, but are almost identical to the more powerful model, which is a pleasant surprise because we are used to seeing much more average minis from other manufacturers. On top of that, the battery is very good.

The biggest complaint (with a slightly weaker camera) is the disproportionately high price. For example, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, which has a faster processor and a better camera, currently costs less. You can also buy the LG G2 for less money, which also has somewhat better characteristics. The always good Nexus 5 can also be considered. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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