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Dual SIM, quad-core processor, 4.5-inch screen, Blink Feed and Beats Audio options, HTC Sense. All this is present in the HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim model. The Desire 600 is emerging as a competitive model in the fast-growing segment of powerful dual SIM phones on the Android platform. This model comes at a time when we can definitely say that dual SIM models follow in the footsteps of those with one card when it comes to features.

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim design

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim 3At 130 grams, we can freely say that the Desire 600 is a harmonious phone. Nor are the dimensions of 134.8 x 67 x 9.3 mm an obstacle for the phone to lie in the hand, especially since its thickness is not large. In line with HTC’s good practice, the phone is equipped with two speakers on the front (one above and the other below the screen).

As for the shape of the case, it can be said that it is not a classic rectangle, because the corners are slightly curved, which contributes to a more favorable visual impression. Of the “solid” buttons, the standard ones are present – for lighting at the top, for the volume on the left side, while on the back, as expected, there is a camera inside the metal frame. The USB port has taken its place at the bottom. The phone is available in white and black.

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim screen

The Super LCD2 screen on the Desire 600 is considered an above-average display. With a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, in principle, most users can be satisfied. Those more demanding, however, would have to try some more expensive models, which are usually relieved of the burden of using two cards at the same time. Hand on heart, HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim, ie its screen has 245 pixels per inch, which is the standard of the golden mean, so whoever likes, let him choose.

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim Camera

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim 5When it comes to cameras, only the most hardened haters could object to something. The Desire 600 uses the aforementioned 8MP main camera, which takes photos with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Video recording is not bad either, but not spectacular, so 720p video quality is available to future owners. The camera is equipped with an LED flash, which makes it easier to take photos in conditions of reduced visibility, and offers decent photo quality. It seems to be, in fact, very good for the asking price, especially when compared to cameras from some Sony or Samsung models.

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim Specification

For ordinary dual SIM phones, you do not need a strong processor. However, if your needs exceed the basic level, then a quad-core processor at 1.2GHz can certainly come as a real positive shock. Thanks to it, the HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim easily copes with surfing the net and also offers top-notch multimedia enjoyment, with a special emphasis on video games. When we know that there is Beats Audio, the point is clear. As for the battery, HTC opted for the 1860mAh, which is enough for over 11 hours of talk time.

HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim Conclusion

The HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim is one of the best smartphones in the dual SIM category. It is a device that runs on the Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system and that offers the benefits of a quad-core processor. In addition, the 8MP camera should not be forgotten, a grateful battery, as well as a very good 4.5-inch display, which completes the positive impression of this phone.

An additional benefit is a BlinkFeed option, which offers you all the necessary information on the home screen, from social networks, through the news to sports and the like. And finally something else. HTC Desire 600 Dual allows you to use both numbers all the time, so it can be rightly said that HTC Desire 600 Dual is one of the best HTC products. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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