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HTC Desire 501 comes as a successor to the Desire 500. Therefore, it has similar features as its predecessor, but also a dual SIM option. However, unlike the older model, the new HTC Desire 501 has a refreshed look, a 3G connection (albeit only on the main SIM card), more internal memory, and a more generous battery.

Because of all this, but also the affordable price it comes with, the HTC Desire 501 can be a good choice for all those who need quite solid features of one smartphone, and at the same time want to get rid of the burden of carrying two phones.

HTC Desire 501 design

The phone wins at first glance. Due to its shiny plastic, it looks quite likable, and it is produced in several colors. The good thing is that in the hands of the phone does not cause the feeling of “cheapness” that is characteristic of many models in this range.

Overall, the HTC Desire 501 has a high level of build quality. Apart from the feeling in the hands, this can also be seen by the fact that the fingerprints are almost not noticed, which is a mitigating circumstance.

Due to the rounded edges, the HTC Desire 501 is not ungrateful to hold in your hands. Due to the appropriate dimensions, the screen is accessible with your fingers, so that the phone can be used with one hand without any problems. It is similar to the external keys that are not “hidden” from the fingers.

The capacitive buttons on the bottom respond nicely and generally work nicely on this HTC. The background is easy to remove and thus access the interior of the phone where there are two micro SIM and one micro SD slot, as well as a 2,100mAh battery that cannot be removed without going to the service. Otherwise, the battery is enough for one day of average use.

What can set this model apart from the sea of ​​others is the metal circle around the camera on the back, so it is safe to say that the design leaves a very favorable impression.

HTC Desire 501 screen

The 4.3-inch Super-LCD 2 screen delivers acceptable image quality. If it were more than 480 × 800 pixels, the situation would certainly be better, but even with 217 pixels per inch, it’s not bad. The screen has a few problems with the edges, which give a slightly blurred image. Besides, it is decent with relatively good colors. Even the viewing angles are good, and the screen itself is clear enough when exposed to sunlight.

When it comes to the interface, things are a bit outdated. The HTC Desire 501 uses 4.1 Jelly Bean Android and HTC Sense 4.5, which was great some two years ago, but today is considered outdated. The biggest drawback is the absence of BlikFeed, but even that can be survived. Still, the phone provides plenty of color and animation. The keyboard is a bit worse, but you also get used to those things.

HTC Desire 501 dual sim and specification

One of the key trump cards of this phone is that it accepts two cards. It is commendable that you are available on both numbers at all times, even if you are talking over one and have a call on the other.

The processor that the HTC Desire 501 uses is far from some speed. It is a dual-core processor at 1.2GHz, which “allows” delays when opening applications or switching from one to another. Most video games work decently, but newer and more demanding 3D titles can slow it down.

HTC Desire 501 camera

The phone is well equipped when it comes to cameras. The main one has 8MP, while the auxiliary one works with the help of a 2.1MP sensor. This combination would be ideal if the phone was equipped with some options (such as HDR, Panorama mode, etc.), but that was missing here. The camera generally works at medium speed, especially when it comes to the time between two shots.

The photos are good, which is understandable considering the 8MP. The display of colors and lighting is more or less good and accurate. The videos are a bit disappointing, with a lot of audio noise, but the video quality is, in principle, at an acceptable level.

HTC Desire 501 conclusion

The HTC Desire 501 is a step up from its predecessor. The look of the phone stands out in relation to the price (which is why it will be especially interesting to the younger population), and the specification is at the level of the competition. HTC Desire 501 pleasantly surprises in the form of good cameras, but also unpleasant due to the older version of Android and poorer video recording.

The HTC Desire 501 is well-priced, but the Moto G is probably a better alternative. If that also breaks your budget, there is the LG Optimus L7 2, and if you want something better (albeit with more money set aside), you can opt for the Alcatel OneTouch Idol. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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