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For flagship-level phones, HTC is back and this is the HTC 10. In a beautiful metal casing here. I give you a review of this mobile phone below.

So, for those who have creeped out by the glass on the Samsung Galaxy 7 family, for example. You’ve got that there. Snapdragon 820 CPU, a very nice super LCD display. Finally, we got a qHD resolution here and high-end audio quality. Lots of other good stuff.

We’re going to look at it now. So, the whole look of the phone is not unlike previous HTC M phones like the M8 or M9 but it’s, I would say, improved.

We have, obviously, the dark grey model, it’s also available in silver. Depending on your country, you might get in others.

There’s a pretty big chamfer, it’s more like a bevel on the back. I think it gives it a more masculine and sturdy kind of look.

It’s also a little bit more ergonomic for holding onto the phone. Your hand curves around this fairly thick phone more easily. And, you’ve got a wider chamfer area to grip onto so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Doesn’t show fingerprints either.

New on the bottom is a USB C port and also if you saw it, there was a speaker grille. We’ll talk about that later.

Here it is next to the one M9 on the left. I like that brushed stainless steel finish on the old model. But, then again, change is a good thing. People are getting tired of the old HTC design.

Boom sound speakers on the old one but not on the new one. Instead, we have a fingerprint scanner on the front, which we’ll talk about too. That ties into a new speaker design with the boom sound HiFi addition in the HTC 10.

In terms of dimensions, as you saw comparing this with the M9, the HTC 10 hasn’t changed all that much. It’s still a relatively tall phone.

Let’s put it next to the Samsung Galaxy S7 because it has a similar screen size to get an idea. But, it’s not humongous. Before, HTC phones seem like they were just awful lot bigger than anything else with the same screen size. So, that’s improved.

As I said, for those of you who are afraid of glass on your phone even with the case, this HTC is metal. That will be a little impossible to shatter. Obviously, with glass well, it could happen.

Boom sound speakers on the front are gone. Now we have a boom sound HiFi edition. That means that you have a tweedier in the earpiece. Don’t worry, won’t tweed while you have it against your ear.

On the bottom side, there is the woofer. So, it is not a stereo sound anymore. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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