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Say Anything

In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the game Say Anything and learn how to play. The object of the game is to get the most points.


Taking turns one person draws a card and picks from one of the five options and reads aloud in my opinion which store is the most fun to shop in. Then, all the other players write down an answer based on what they think the person reading the card would say. As soon as you finish writing your answer, you immediately place it in the center of the table face-up.

Duplicate answers are not allowed. The first answer on the table of a duplicate answer stays. So, being fast is important.

Next, the reader picked the answer he likes most with the color wheel and places its face down on the table. Once that happens, he cannot change it.

Now, all the players using their two bedding chips guess which answer they think the reader will choose. They can place each chip wherever they want. One of their own answers, one on someone else’s answer, together, or separate, doesn’t matter.

Calculating points

Once everyone has that the reader reveals their choice on the color wheel and points are calculated. The player who wrote the chosen answer gets one point. The reader receives one point per bet chip on his answer up to a maximum of three points. Players receive 1 point per correct bet.

No player can score more than 3 points a turn. You mark your points on the scorecard and continue until every player has read twice or until the scorecard is completely filled.

Say Anything Game on the Market

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