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Pirate VS Pirate

In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the board game Pirate vs Pirate and learn how to play. The object of the game is to either collect two silver coins or one gold coin or eliminate all rival pirates.


Players pick a color and set up their pirates in a corner and place the gold and Silvers in the middle. In a two-player game, place the golden silvers in the empty corner instead. Each player rolls both dice. Whoever has the highest total goes first. On your turn, roll both dice and add the two together. Move one of your pirates along adjacent triangles exactly that many spaces, no more, no less. Play then proceeds clockwise.

You are not allowed to move over the same space twice in one move and you are not allowed to jump or move on to the same space as another pirate. If you don’t have a possible legal move you skip your turn. When a pirate passes through or onto a coin he must pick it up. The coin now travels beneath the pirate. Pirates carrying coins may not collect more coins, travel over coins nor attack other pirates.

Pirate versus Pirate game play

At the beginning of your move, you have the option to abandon the coin leaving it in that space. You may not abandon the coin mid-move. When you abandon a coin you may not attack another pirate that same turn. You can attack an opponent’s pirate by ending your move on that pirate space. Remove the attacked pirate from the game. If the pirate was carrying a coin your pirate now picks it up. You must deliver your collected coins to your Robo. When a pirate with a coin ends his move on the rowboat you remove that coin from the game and place it in front of you.

To collect a gold coin you must land your pirate in the furthest corner space. To collect a silver either rowboat space will work. If a player collects two silver coins they immediately win. Also, If a player collects the gold coin they immediately win. If a player eliminates all rival pirates from the game they immediately win.

Backstabbing variation

For players who prefer a more strategic game, play with the backstabbing rule. This rule makes it so pirates may only be attacked from behind. When you finish moving your pirate you must choose which direction he is facing by pointing his nose and lining up his base plate with that side. During the setup of the game, each player chooses each pirates facing direction.

Pirate vs Pirate on the market

There are a few versions of the game Pirate versus Pirate on the market. I give you a link to the one I refer to in this article.

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Mircic91.com is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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