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Danger The Game

In this article, you can read about the basic rules of Danger The Game and learn how to play. The object of the game is to be the first player to be awarded three danger cards.


Shuffle the decks and deal three tool cards and three skill cards to each player. Players may look at the cards in their own hands but should keep them hidden from their opponents. Whoever lives a life most dangerously goes first.

On your turn, you are the victim and must draw the top card from the danger deck. Read it aloud then place it in front of you. You may expand on this scene by adding whatever details you like. Once finished, the other players, the rescuers, must select one tool card and one skill card from their hand that they think will be best for rescuing the victim from the current danger. The rescuers place these cards facedown in front of themselves.

Once all the cards have been chosen, the player to the left of the victim is the first to go He flips their cards face up. They then must explain how when equipped with their tool and skill they would accomplish the task of saving the victim from danger. Once the explanation is over, the victim and other players may poke holes in the rescuer’s explanation but the final say is always left to the victim. The rescuer can defend their explanation if they like.

After all the objections are cleared up, the next rescuer to the left reveals their cards. After all the rescuers have explained their rescue plan, the victim must decide who had the best one and award them with the danger card.

All other cards in play are discarded and each player draws until they have three tools and three skill cards in their hand. The player left of the victim becomes the next rounds victim and this process repeats until one player has collected three danger cards and is declared the winner.

Plot-twist rule variation

For added fun, you may choose to play with the plot-twist rule variation. The normal rules are the same except for the following:

At the start of the game, shuffle the plot-twist deck and deal one plot-twist card to each player. During a rescue explanation before the rescuer has finished talking, any player may play a plot-twist card and force the current player to incorporate the newly added detail into their explanation.

Plot-twist cards are specific to danger’s tools and skills and must be played beside the corresponding card as indicated by the matching color. Only one plot twist may be played on each danger tool or skill card and they’re only active on the player they were played on.

At the end of the round discard all the plot twist cards in play. The rescuers who were not awarded the danger card each draw one new plot twist from the top of the deck. There is no limit to the number of plot twist cards a player can hold in their hand. The first player to collect three danger cards is the winner.

Dastardly variant

The final rule variant you can play with is the dastardly variant. The most deviant player is the villain and the rest of the players are the heroes. Deal 3 tool cards and 3 skill cards to each player. The villain draws one danger card for each hero that is playing. Each hero picks a skill and places it facedown on the table.

When every hero has done this, reveal all the skills by flipping them face up. Next, the villain places a danger card from his hand face-up in front of each of the heroes. Then, the heroes choose and place a tool card facedown in front of themselves.

Once all the tool cards have been chosen, the player to the left of the villain is first to go. He then flips their tool card face-up. Also, he explains how they would use their skill and tool to overcome the danger and defeat the villain. The next player clockwise goes after their explanation finish. After each hero has had a turn, the villain decides which hero best escapes the danger. He then ordered them by awarding that player a danger card.

Discard all the cards in play and the player left of the villain becomes the villain. For the next round, all the heroes draw until they have three tools and three skill cards in their hands. Then the process repeats until one player has acquired three danger cards and is the winner.

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