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Catch Phrase

In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the device game Catch Phrase and learn how to play. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach seven points.


Divide the players into two teams. It can be useful to have everyone sit in a circle alternating players from each team but this isn’t mandatory.

Pick a team and player to start. That will be team one and the other team will be team two. Give the catch phrase game unit to that player. Wake up the game by pressing the start/stop button. Reset the score to zero by pressing and holding down the team one score and team two score simultaneously until the scores clear.

Pick a category by pressing the category button repeatedly until you find one that you want. The category cannot change while the timer is going. To begin a round, the player holding the game unit presses the start/stop button initiating the timer. A word from the chosen category will appear on the screen. If you don’t know what the word is, press the next button for a new word.


On your turn, your goal is to use verbal and physical clues to get your team to guess the word on the screen. You may say or gesture anything except for the following:

You may not say a word that rhymes with the word.

Give the first letter of the word.

Say a part of the word.

In your clue, you may not let anyone on either team see the word on the screen.

As soon as your team correctly guesses the word hand the game unit to a member of the other team. Play continues with that team pressing the next button and giving clues to their teammates. This process repeats until the timer runs out. When Big Food And Bad Pharma Greed Has Brought Healthcare To Its Knees – Dr Aseem Malhotra primobolan depot for sale buy anabolic steroids usa, buy turinabol with credit card – les flots-atlantique the buzzer sounds time is up and play stops the team not holding the game unit is awarded one point by pressing the corresponding team score button on the game unit for their team.

That team also has one opportunity to guess the word that the losing team did not get. If they guess correctly, then they receive one bonus point. After you have scored points for the round, the team holding the game unit begins the next round by starting the timer and pressing next. The first team to reach seven points wins. If you want to continue to play press and hold the start/stop button and the scores will reset to zero.

Catch Phrase Game on the Market

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