How to play Compatibility?

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In this article, you can read about the basic rules of the game Compatibility and learn how to play. The object of the game is to be the first team to the center finish space.


Layout the board and divide up into teams of two. Each player receives a deck. All the decks are identical. Connect each player’s color marker to their teammate and place them on the start space. Your markers color should match your decks color. Teammates must sit directly across from each other.

Pick a team to go first. Roll a die and draw a topic card. Read the topic allowed as corresponds to the dye number rolled. Each player now is trying to pick picture cards from their deck that they associate with the topic read.

Whatever number space your team is on that is how many cards you must select for a given topic. You are trying to pick the same cards as your teammate. You are not allowed to signal or clue in your teammate as to what to pick.

All cards picked remain facedown in front of you. Line them up horizontally with your strongest pick first and your weakest pick last. Your teammate’s order will be backward.

Scoring Points

Once all the teams have their cards picked and placed in a facedown order they want then, taking turns, teammates reveal their card picks in order strongest to weakest.

The teammates revealing cards should be directly across from one another physically on the table. Once all the cards are flipped, you score points.

If both players picked a card that has the same image and is ordered in the same spot so the cards are directly across from one another, a direct match, each direct match is worth three points.

If the teammates picked an identity card but the order isn’t in the same spot, an indirect match, then each of those matches is worth two points. Cards that don’t match are worth zero points.

Add your score together for the turn and move your marker counterclockwise around the board that many spaces. The new number you land on determines how many cards you pick that turn.

If you scored zero points, you do not move. Once both teams have revealed their cards and scored points, a new player rolls the die and reads the topic. The first team to reach the finish wins.

Double-up variant

You may play with the double-up option. Each team receives three double-up cards. Each double-up card can only be played once per game.

A team places a double-up card next to a picked facedown card before they are revealed. If the images are the same and a direct match, you receive six points instead of three. If it is an indirect match you just receive two points. Return used double-up cards to the box. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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