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If you’ve read any news in the last ten days, you probably know that a new version of the popular game Angry Birds was released, called Angry Birds 2. Since almost everything has been said about the game itself, we decided to tell you a little differently today. the story, so we will tell you what records the angry birds broke this time. This was one of the most successful game launches ever, and we will now show you why.

Before we start talking about numbers, let’s just remind ourselves why Angry Birds 2 are so interesting. After a series of different themed specials (like Angry Birds Rio, Star Wars, Space, Card, etc.) Rovio decided it was time to release a brand new version of this popular game. Usually, version 2 brings significant improvements in the work of the application, so this is the case this time as well.

The game brings a lot of interesting news and completely refreshes the well-known script. It is still your task to fire the bird from the slingshot and tear down the construction made by the green pigs, but now you have a set of completely new tools and options at your disposal. There are some new birds, magic, cards, and many more novelties that you can learn more about in another text.

Rather, let’s get back to our topic today and deal with the numbers and records set by Angry Birds 2.

  1. A million downloads in just 12 hours – From the moment it was released on the Apple Store and Google Play, the game has been downloaded a MILLION times in just half a day. Such a figure in Rovio was certainly not expected.

The game is fun and addictive

  1. 10 million downloads in 3 days – the success achieved in the first hours after the launch continues, so in the next three days the popularity of the game grows rapidly. Few editions from the gaming world can boast of such a high number of downloads in such a short period of time.
  2. 20 million downloads in the first week – despite some bad reviews, players do not give up and continue to play the game. By comparison, the original Angry Birds took 9 months to reach 20 million downloads, and the new version managed to do so in just one week.

The game has been downloaded 20 million times in just one week

  1. Angry Birds 2 holds the first place of top games for iPhone and iPad in over 100 countries – the list includes the USA and most European countries, which represent a very good market for buying additional options that the game offers. In our country, this game is currently in third place in terms of popularity, behind the games that were popular in the first half of 2015.
  2. This is the game that has been installed most times on iPhones and Android devices – I bet you also have at least some version of the Angry Birds collection installed on your phone. I admit I have as many as four.
  3. 1.4 billion times the birds were fired from a slingshot – this is data that only refers to the first week of playing Angry Birds 2. This number is certainly much higher now because two weeks have passed since the launch.
  4. Players have crossed a level in the game a total of 300 million times – to avoid confusion, this number only applies to Angry Birds 2 and summarizes all the levels that all players have crossed.

In addition to the levels, there are also daily tournaments

  1. 350 million times Destruct-O-Meter measured maximum destruction – this meter should measure the damage you have done to the fortification that the pigs have done. It seems that the players were very persistent and managed to inflict total damage on them as many as 350 million times.
  2. All Angry Birds games have been downloaded over a billion times in total – this impressive figure applies to all versions of the game that have ever appeared since 2009. Congratulations Rovio!
  3. A number of downloads in the Windows Store 0 – the reason for this result is that the version of the game that is compatible with Windows devices has not yet been launched. She is also expected to appear soon.

These numbers are really impressive. Rovio has set a serious task for all gaming teams in the world. They are preparing to raise the ladder even higher with their breakthrough in the Chinese market. The company recently signed a contract with Chinese gaming giant Kunlun, which will be the official distributor of Angry Birds games for China. Just imagine what these records will look like when Chinese players start adding angry birds to pigs! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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