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The new Android N operating system has already been introduced. Google exceeded the expectations of its fans and released the first version of the new Android operating system a few months earlier than usual.

Why do we say earlier? Because Google has always presented a new iteration of Android at the Google I/O conference in May, but this time they hurried, because, as they say, they want to leave more time for development teams to adapt their applications to the changing environment.

The new edition of Android is currently called Android N. The full name will be revealed with the final version only in October or November, and until then we can only guess which candy it will be this time. Is it Nutella, nougat, Nesquik, or something completely different? We cheer for Nutella!

What we know for sure are some of the options we will see in the new Android N operating system, so let’s introduce them!

Multi-window multitasking arrives from Android N on all devices

Multi-window multitasking is not a completely new option, as it is already present on some tablets and phones (most often Samsung and LG), but as part of a custom operating system developed by developers from those manufacturers. Android N will allow us to use multi-window multitasking from any device, so users will be able to work simultaneously with two windows, without any interference.

By opening the view of all open applications and holding your finger on the name of the application, you will be able to drag its window and put it in a predefined position for multi-window mode. Also, the long holding of the multitasking key automatically puts the application in multi-window mode.

This way you will be able to use two applications at the same time. For larger devices, such as tablets, the manufacturer will also be able to allow a “free” mode that allows the user to resize the application window.

Android N enables faster communication. One of the things that have undergone a complete transformation in the new Android N operating system is the notification panel. In addition to the simplicity brought to it by Android Marshmallow, it also gets some new features – it allows you to reply to a message directly from the notification, without having to leave the application you are currently using.

A similar option is already available at the application level (say, Viber users already know this) but now it is being moved to a higher level and becoming systemic. This way you will be able to respond quickly and easily to a message coming to you from any channel – from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or any other application.

Android N brings grouped notifications. You’ve probably noticed that Android now shows you notifications as they arrive, so it happens that there are, say, a few from Facebook. Android N changes that and brings us grouped notifications. All notifications from one application will be collected and displayed together.

You can further expand the grouped notifications and view each one individually, and you can also read the complete message without entering the application itself. This way, not only will you save time, but your battery will last a bit longer.

Android N extends battery life

Speaking of battery life – you’ve probably heard of the “Doze” mode presented with Android Marshmallow. As a reminder, this mode can save battery power thanks to the ability to put the device into a “deep sleep” state when not in use for a long time.

Android N brings “Doses 2.0” which can put the device into a state of deep sleep at more frequent intervals, even just after the screen turns off. Sleep and wake are improved, so there will be no downtime or slowing of the device when the device changes. The daily life of the battery should be significantly extended in this way, and we will see how much it really will be in the fall.

More economical use of data packages. As you may have noticed, Google is working to make Android cost-effective in various segments and to save us on battery, internet, and RAM. So Android N has a smart way to limit our use of the Internet, especially when we are not on a WiFi network.

When you turn on the data saver option, restrictions take effect that prevents applications from uploading photos and videos that simply swallow kilobytes. Of course, you will have the option to choose apps that will be exempt from these bans with which you will be able to surf as much as you want. This will be an extremely useful feature for all of you who have limited packages on mobile networks.

Picture-in-picture function on Android N. Android N brings a picture to picture. This option will especially delight YouTube fans, as it will allow them to watch YouTube content while doing something else on their phone. Of course, this feature will be most pronounced on tablet devices, but it will work quite solidly on devices with smaller diagonals.

Not to be confused, the image-in-picture function can also be used for other applications such as galleries or video collections. What the user needs to do to activate it is to tap the button to switch the video from full-screen mode to picture-in-picture mode, where the content can be viewed in a floating window.

What is the most important novelty brought by Android N?

There are still a lot of little things that Android N brings, such as night, automatic adjustment of the size of the content on the screen, various optimizations, and the like. All these options are to a greater or lesser extent already available on our Android phones, so the question is what is really new that the new Android N will bring us?

The answer is that there is no significant novelty. However, there are almost six months left until the launch, so there will be time for a surprise to slip into the sea of ​​already seen options.

However, since we all know how difficult it is to be innovative today, we will be pleased if the new Android N really manages to extend battery life and make our phones safer and more secure to use. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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