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In the sea of ​​new phones, it was not easy to choose only the 7 best phones in 2017. In order to present you the best ones, we have taken into account all their specifications and selected the ones that we consider to be worth your time and money. As you can see, the biggest differences are in the camera, processor performance, design and battery life. We present you the 7 best phones in 2017, in alphabetical order. Here is our selection for this year!

The best gift from Google: Google Pixel 2

We wrote about Google Pixel 2 in one of our previous texts and presented it as one of the phones that is reliable and works very fast. In fact, the Google Pixel 2 is a real little surprise gift. Once again, Google took care to maximize customer customization. Some of the options that made this phone appear on our “7 best phones in 2017” list are:

  • EdgeSense option , through which you can easily call Google Assistant,
  • 12.2 MP and 8 MP cameras,
  • Dual speakers on the front of the phone
  • Android Oreo that works perfectly.

We have to mention two more features of this phone: the first is proof that Google knows how to break into the market and it is the lack of headphone jacks. Another feature is a complete novelty on the tech market, the eSIM option , that is, the possibility of using the phone without a SIM card. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Best Learning Phone: Huawei Mate 10

The Huawei Mate 10 is, in short, a self-learning phone. We can freely say that everything you have seen about tech gadgets in Sci-Fi movies is put together in this phone. Namely, this is the first phone that has built-in artificial intelligence, all thanks to the NPU (Neural Process Unit), and that is why it is on our list of the 7 best phones in 2017.

Its main feature is that it remembers the way you used the phone so that it could improve its performance in the future. We have to admit we were a little skeptical about this option but it proved to be one of the best features this year.

Another thing worth mentioning is the battery that we think will last you almost a lifetime. It has as much as 4000 mAh. The Huawei Mate 10 comes as the icing on the cake – working with Leica has paid off.

These are 12MP and incredible 20MP cameras that have dual Leica lenses. The camera works on the principle of merging two photos, which gives one, perfect photo.

Best of Apple: iPhone X

Whether you call this phone iPhone “X” or iPhone “10”, you have to admit that it has grown close to your heart and that you would like to find it under the Christmas tree. This is the most expensive Apple phone , which has several amazing specifications.

The first of them is Face ID, that is, the ability to recognize faces when unlocking the phone. Forget about typing in the pin – the future has arrived. Additionally, we can’t help but mention that the True Depth camera, through which you unlock the phone, is also responsible for your conversion into emoji – animoji.

On the other hand, the screen is impressive! The 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display is more than enough. Needless to say, this is a POLED display, which will make sure that the dark colors in your hand look great.

Although the phone is quite expensive, it looks perfect, and its performance has surpassed all previous iPhone series, which is why it was on the list of the 7 best phones in 2017.

Best “packaged” phone: LG V30

LG is a manufacturer that simply has to be on the list of “7 best phones in 2017”. Although we haven’t written about this phone, we have to say that it is also worth mentioning. Its value is reflected in the fact that all features are excellently “packaged”.

What thrilled us about the LG V30 is its design and screen size. A very elegant, almost “masculine” design is what makes it strong. On the other hand, a 6-inch OLED screen is everything you dreamed of.

LG is known for its long battery life and reliability, so it did not disappoint us this time either. The 3300 mAh battery and Android Nougat go great together. Water resistance and battery life make this phone stand on the line with one of the best, the Samsung Galaxy 8.

Best price in 2017: Motorola Moto G5

You’ve probably noticed that for most phones on our “7 best phones in 2017” list, you have to shell out a hefty amount of money to have them. Here is one for which you get great quality, at a great price.

The Motorola Moto G5 is a phone that has a 5-inch screen and a 13MP camera. Due to the size of the screen, you will have the feeling that it is very easy to hold. The Moto G5 gives performance on Android Nougat which works quickly and without interruption. Unlike the others, this phone has 16GB of RAM but also a slot for inserting a microSD card.

Best gaming phone: Razer

Razer is a phone that did not get too much publicity, but it delighted everyone who had the opportunity to hold it in their hands, and that is why it deserves a place on the list of “7 best phones in 2017”.

This phone has the same screen as the LG G6 but what makes it above average is the 8GM of RAM perfectly matched to the Snapdragon 835 processor. If you add a 4000 mAh battery to it, you get the perfect phone for all game lovers. Whether it’s Candy Crush or NBA Live Mobile, Razer will work perfectly.

The best of all the features of this phone is Dolby ATMOS technology, which makes you have the impression that you are not playing a game but that you are in a cinema. All we can say is WOW!

Closest to perfection: Samsung Galaxy S8

Not to mention the Samsung Galaxy S8 on this list was a terrible sin! This is the phone that Techradar declared the best phone in 2017. Where to start? We will delight you right at the beginning with three main features:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 gives you the ability to unlock your phone with an iris scanner,
  • 3000 mAh battery works great with Exynos 8859 processor and Android 7 operating system,
  • The 5.8-inch screen that extends all the way to the sides of the phone gives a very elegant note to this phone.
  • 12MP and 8MP cameras that are perfect for taking photos in the snow.

In case you noticed, during all our blog posts this year, we tried to find the perfect phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is very close to that, but it has a drawback, and that is the price.

Our 7 best phones in 2017

This was our list of the 7 best phones in 2017. We have to admit that it was not easy to choose! Some delighted us, like the Huawei Mate 10, and for some we expected standard quality and good performance (Samsung Galaxy S8), while its favorites failed significantly (yes LG, we mean you).

All in all, we can say that 2017 brought us really great smartphone models and brought us one step closer to the perfect device.

We expect one of these to appear next year, so stay with us in the New Year to discover new great mobile phones together!

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