Sony Xperia Arc S Review

In this article, I give you my quick review of the Xperia Arc S with specs included. The Xperia Arc S is an Android phone available on the market. It is a phone that is not only elegant but also extremely powerful, which can be noticed only when you start using it. Everyone says he’s great, so let’s see what lies behind this name.

The Xperia arc S is something that should become part of a personal accessory when it comes to girls, and a very personal item when it comes to the male part of the population. The intention of the manufacturer to make something like that is obvious, which will always carry with it with the keys.

Ok, many will say that today everyone carries mobile phones with them all the time and that is of course true. But this kind of phone with a modern and refined design and high-quality workmanship differs from a good part of current phones.

The Xperia Arc S fits perfectly in your hand, and if you happen to somehow drop it, don’t worry, there’s an aluminum case that protects it. The combination of glass and metal did not significantly complicate this phone, so it weighs only 117 grams!

In addition, the touch screen is one of the best ever made. The sensitivity of the screen is not in question when the sun is strong, or when the phone is used in the dark, while the colors are quite realistic and natural, so working with it is a real pleasure.

This quality of visual impression was achieved by using Bravia engine technology.

When it comes to the quality of photos taken with mobile phones, the comments are not the most positive. The picture is a bit different here, because thanks to its 8.1-megapixel camera, the Xperia Arc S takes incredibly good photos, even when the amount of light is reduced. The camera also supports recording HD video, which, like photos, does not suffer from a lack of quality, because the images look great even when transferred to another medium, such as a computer or TV.

With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that this particular camera has been named the best camera on a mobile phone for the 2011-2012 season.

The power of the Xperia arc S actually lies in its interior, beneath the white exterior, where there is a fast 1.4 GHz processor that gives the required speed to the Android 2.3 platform. This is important because of the abundance of applications that can be used, and the Facebook application is especially good.

When it all adds up and subtracts, the Xperia Arc S is a great phone, which has powerful arguments in every segment of its work, and there’s no reason not to like it either.
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