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People all over the world, regardless of gender, race and nation, like to spend time in nightclubs. Whether you are interested in the best clubs in your town, or you happened to be somewhere abroad, and you do not know which club to visit, you will find the best clubs in the world’s capitals on this list.

A good time is possible wherever you are. Everyone understands the body language that dominates the evening outings in the best world and domestic clubs. See which are the most intriguing clubs in Belgrade, but also in other cities that are on the world lists of club capitals: New York, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

1 New York

A city that never sleeps is so named for a reason. When it comes to nightlife, New York has almost no competition. This city is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world, and in addition to different races and nations, the most diverse subcultures intertwine.

This is fantastically illustrated by the many colorful clubs in New York: jazz, alternative, dance, rave… Whatever comes to mind, it exists here and has its audience! Some of the most famous New York clubs are:

Bossa Nova Civic Club

A place where you can play with the best techno music that is loved by locals and guests from all over the world. The smoke of the machine and the spectacular light show with music create an unforgettable atmosphere that guests especially praise, as well as good drink prices and friendly staff.

Here you can play as if no one sees you and you feel at home, and for those who crave clubbing on weekdays – there is a party here on Monday nights as well!

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo is one of those cult clubs that you are almost certain to do business with the help of some magic. A place that receives about 70 people and where there are no arrogant guests and too expensive drinks is definitely a place from a fairy tale!

Decorated in Miami Vice style, with pink walls, palm trees and flamingo cocktail mixers, the club is listed as a vegan restaurant, but also offers classic spirits and cocktails. Expect a casual atmosphere, funky house music and good fun.

House of Yes

Evenings at the House of Yes Club are like the famous Burning Man Festival in a nutshell: anything is possible, everyone is welcome and you can expect to see something you had no idea about before.

In this once illegal club, play loud music with circus performers, men in drag, girls dressed for clubbing and casual guys who just came for a beer. You will feel the atmosphere best if you visit the club yourself!

2 Tel Aviv

New York is called the Big Apple, and Tel Aviv – the Big Orange , the Israeli twin of the American clubbing capital! Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel, but Jerusalem, but it easily surpassed it in the offer of fantastic clubs.

The warm, Mediterranean atmosphere, hedonism and clubbers from all over the world come here for a great time. And, here you can go out if you happen to be in Tel Aviv:

Kuli Alma

This bar is one of the best in Tel Aviv, but it only works from 10 in the evening until 1 in the morning, so it is good for “warming up” before a more serious clubbing. Enjoy good music, cocktails, interesting interior, and you can eat a piece of good pizza at a small price.

The Block

The largest club in Tel Aviv opens only at one in the morning, and has three rooms where completely different music is played the same evening, and in each there is a unique atmosphere.

Some of the most famous DJs often perform here, and the sound system is, in the opinion of the guests, without a mistake. They stay here until 8 in the morning, playing in a friendly environment and making their way through the exciting labyrinths of corridors that connect different parts of the clubs.

It is interesting that they will look at you sideways in the club if you scroll on the phone – it is forbidden here, so as not to spoil the atmosphere.

3 Belgrade

From year to year, this capital appears on the world lists of the best clubs for clubbing, and not without reason! Clubs in Belgrade are a place where tourists and locals can easily find a common language with cheap drinks and good music.

In this fourth part, among others, stand out:


One of the first clubs in Cetinjska Street is crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. Favorite hipster place in Belgrade has an excellent offer of domestic and foreign kraft beers, quizzes and performances by acoustic bands and DJs for all tastes.


Great weekend parties and frequent film screenings, art performances, plays and poetry evenings.

KC Grad

The alternative audience gladly visits this club in Savamala, whose main trump card is fantastic themed evenings that are rarely seen in other locations. This is the cradle of the emergence of the Serbian drag scene, where Belgrade queens such as Decadence, Diana Ho and Makize de Sade perform.

Delicious Monday gives you the opportunity to try the specialties of foreign cuisine at extremely low prices, and here you can renew your knowledge of a foreign language for free in the Language Cafe!

Exhibitions, workshops, parties, debates… Whatever your heart desires is in the program!

Mr Stefan Brown

The unique energy of this somewhat controversial Belgrade club is something that makes foreign tourists describe Belgrade as the capital of good entertainment. Mostly house music is listened to here, and wild parties will certainly not leave you indifferent.

4 Berlin

Berlin is a European city famous for good parties that last longer than 24 hours, and here are its best clubs:


The most famous Berlin club and temple of techno music. Refresh yourself before departure because you will spend hours here playing with guests, and the atmosphere is such that you can go alone and have a great time.

As it is a bit harder to enter this club, it is advised not to wear your best clothes, come in a large group and draw attention to yourself while waiting to enter – and not to take out your phone!

Salon zur Wilden Renate

If circus clubbing sounds good to you, this is the place for you!

The kitschy interior, wild atmosphere, large labyrinth and pools with plastic balls are just some of the unique things in this club where you can expect unusual music and equally unusual guests.

Enjoying music is not only fun, but also healthy. These are just some of the clubs where you will have a good time, and you will not be bored when it comes to parties there. They have set standards for the whole world in entertainment! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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