Why Metal-Free Crowns are a Great Choice for You

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The importance of dental crowns is huge in today’s world because everyone strives to have the most beautiful teeth. If crowns did not exist, dentists could only repair and treat the teeth until they were completely worn out. Dental crowns allow you to visually tweak them and make them look perfect again and regain their look.

Zircon is the main ingredient of the metal-free crown, and it is characterized by high strength. It is very important for teeth because natural teeth are also very strong. Find out why metal-free crowns are the best choice, and what their advantages and disadvantages are, continue the text.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns cover your natural tooth and restore its perfect appearance. They can change only a part of the tooth or the whole tooth. In case the tooth is worn out, then it is ground and a crown is placed on it.

It still serves as a support for the rosary. When a tooth is missing, then the tooth holder is an implant, which is implanted in the bone. It is long-lasting, and a crown is mounted on it. After many years, the crown is changed as needed, and the implant remains its “root”.

Types of dental crowns

There are different types of dental crowns, from the division of the material to the appearance. The widest division is into metal and metal-free crowns (ceramic and zircon), and depending on the appearance they can be thin and thick.

Thin dental crowns are placed on a tooth that is still large enough, while thicker ones are placed on a small part of the tooth that remained intact after caries. The advantage is that a very small amount of teeth is enough to place a crown on it, but the condition of the tooth root is also very important.

When are metal-free crowns installed?

In case a part of the tooth is damaged or you are missing a certain tooth, then metal-free crowns are needed. They will help you improve the visual appearance of your smile. In these cases, you should consider placing a dental crown:

  • Tooth fracture
  • Tooth damage that cannot be filled or filled with toothpaste
  • A tooth ate or weakened by caries
  • A tooth that has changed color due to the impact
  • A tooth that has a weakened root
  • To protect a tooth that is already damaged, a dental crown can be great protection. Find out below why metal-free crowns are a better choice than others.

More precise workmanship than metal

Metal crowns are made by hand, while metal-free crowns are made with high-tech machines. They are made much more precisely and when they are placed there is almost no difference in relation to your natural tooth.

In addition, they can be instantly implanted and fit perfectly with your natural teeth. One of the main advantages of zircon is that its natural color is white, so it will not change color over time.

Durability and longevity of a metal-free crown

Once installed, you should have no problems with it for the next 10 years. Dentists often give a ten-year guarantee on their longevity. Because they are very strong, they are also more durable than some other materials. According to previous experiences, 10 years is the minimum, and their shelf life reaches up to 40 years. This is another reason why metal-free crowns are a great choice!

No symptoms after installation

Metal is not a natural ingredient and metal crowns can have some negative reactions after installation. On the other hand, zircon is a natural ingredient and after its installation in the place of the tooth, your body will not provide a negative reaction. Metal-free crowns are great on that side and will fit with your body. You can find confirmation of this from people who have both metal and metal-free crowns on their teeth.

Many people decide to install metal crowns on the teeth that are on the side, and metal crowns on the front. So they save, but they feel a negative reaction with metal crowns.

Dental practice where dental repair equipment is located.

Disadvantages of metal-free crowns

In the introduction, we wrote that through the text we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of metal-free crowns over metal ones. We pointed out the advantages, and for the disadvantages, we left this last paragraph of the text. It will be slightly shorter because these crowns have no flaws compared to some other material. This means that they are the best choice and will satisfy all your needs – from visual appearance to functionality.

If your tooth is cracked or extracted, then metal-free crowns are the best solution for a replacement. They will visually fit perfectly into your oral cavity, and will not create any negative reactions of the body after their installation.

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