When an Air Compressor is Needed on a Construction Site

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An air compressor is a pneumatic device that finds its application in all segments of the industry. It is mostly used in the oil industry, ship, mining, and railway, in the glass and plastic industry, then on the production lines of every industrial plant, in water purification systems, cement plants, power plants, but also in medicine, where it is most often used by dentists.

In addition to this, the air compressor is also used for spraying paint, for painting and painting all hard materials and walls.

And as necessary construction equipment, the air compressor has found its significant application in construction, where it is used for different construction machines in different ways.

Types of air compressors.
The air compressor works on the principle of air compression, where it converts kinetic energy into energy. This energy can be used for various purposes as additional voltage, and thus, in addition to electricity, oil, and gas, it is the fourth means of propulsion. Its main advantage is that you create it yourself.

Air compressors can be classified according to the principle of operation (rotary, screw, and piston) and according to the amount of pressure they create on the air (compressors with low, medium, and high pressure). They can also vary depending on whether they use lubricating oil or not. And they can be mobile, easily portable, and stationary compressors.

In construction, mobile compressors are most often used precisely because of this mobility in various accessible and inaccessible terrains and construction sites.

Every well-organized construction site needs a mobile air compressor.
Every construction site that is serious about efficient and productive work has all the necessary construction machines and tools. Indispensable construction equipment is also mobile compressors.

The air compressor is most often used during demolition and drilling. Compressed air from the compressor gives additional drive to the pneumatic tools used during demolition, especially when it comes to hard materials – concrete, stone, brick. But the energy of an air compressor can also be used with many other construction machines and tools, for example when drilling deep wells, wells, in quarries, when building tunnels, and the like.

Through specific products (and their exceptional performance), the world’s leading compressor companies – Atlas Copco, we will try to explain what and how much air compressors mean for efficiency and productivity on your construction site.

Atlas Copco compressor on the feature image.

The small air compressor, the latest Series 8, can power two RTEX hammers during drilling. This model has an excellent performance in all categories. First of all, it is compact and light, it is as much as 150 kg lighter than similar models on the market, and it can be transported by passenger car without a special driver’s license. Under the pressure of 100 psi, it produces up to 5 m³ / min of compressed air. It is characterized by high durability, efficiency because it consumes less diesel fuel than similar models, and at the same time has a reduced service time.

A medium air compressor is the most optimal solution for construction sites. These Atlas Copco compressors use advanced PACE technology, which means they have a diverse and wide range. They produce up to 22 m³ / min of air, under a pressure of 200 psi. They are very suitable for maneuvering even on uneven terrain, and therefore represent the perfect solution for any construction site. With longer operation and longer service intervals, the medium air compressor significantly optimizes your investment.

A large air compressor is used for more demanding construction work. They are especially suitable for work in quarries, as well as for drilling deeper wells. They can drill up to a depth of 500 m per day, which means that you only need one day to drill a geothermal well with this compressor. Their efficiency is also contributed by the fact that they use only 2.2 liters of fuel for one drilled meter. Under the pressure of 542 psi, they produce up to 45 m³ / min of compressed air. As larger than the first two models, large compressors can be transported by truck.

Sales of construction machinery and compressors.
Atlas Copco construction equipment and construction machines today represent the highest quality products on the world market. Along with this brand, the construction equipment of other world-famous leaders is also available on our market.

The sale of construction machinery, as well as their regular servicing and maintenance, is performed through an authorized distributor for the territory. They offer everything we wrote about, but also many other machines, tools, and equipment for your construction site.

Mircic91.com is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Mircic91.com is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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