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Do you have start-up capital and office space in a great location? Although catering is in trouble due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are still firmly convinced that opening a restaurant is a great idea. However, the question is whether your financial readiness to invest and a good location are enough to start a restaurant business? Probably not.

So before you make the final decision to open a restaurant, read this text and important guidelines thanks to which you can start a business with a restaurant that will be gladly visited and profitable.

Is running a restaurant the right job for you?

It is not uncommon for people to open a cafe or restaurant just because they think it is the fastest and easiest way to make money. If you fall into this category, then it is best to give up immediately. Catering is a job that requires hard work and which is either done with love or not done at all. So if you imagined that you would enjoy while your money was dripping, forget about that thought.

But if you are absolutely sure that catering is something you really want, something that moves and motivates you, then this text is just for you. In any case, before opening a restaurant, you need good preparation, because, in order to do business successfully, you must carefully plan every detail and strictly take care of all the important elements of the catering business. This means taking care of finances, employees, and above all, making sure that your guests are satisfied with the service you provide.

Let your quality be what makes you different

Quality food, quality service, friendly staff – that’s what should distinguish a modern restaurant. This is not only important in the beginning, but you must always be in trend and try to give your maximum.

As important as it is for your first guests to be thrilled and to come back to you regularly, it is just as important to get new guests. The restaurant manager should be someone who does his job with a lot of love and who is ready to constantly improve, to follow the trends in catering.

In order for your business to be efficient from the very beginning, it is important to provide a quality restaurant program. Such software will significantly facilitate your business organization, which is an important prerequisite for successful restaurant management.

Define the concept of your restaurant

It is very important that before opening a restaurant, you define the concept of food preparation and provision of services, what type of guests is your priority? For example, if you want to decorate a restaurant in a contemporary style, the ambiance should certainly not resemble that of an ethnic restaurant.

You have to keep in mind that tastes are different, that people who like a certain type of restaurant and certain food, for example, a barbecue, or specialties of Italian cuisine, expect you to offer it to them when they come to you. To be a successful caterer you need to provide your guests with complete enjoyment. You will only succeed in that if you make a good concept and work it out in detail. Do not leave anything to chance.

Be unique, that’s your advantage

Pay attention to the competition. It is certain that you will have gourmets on the menu that your competition also offers, but you have to come up with something that will make you unique and set you apart from the competition.

Find a way to offer something to your guests that they would not be able to get from your competition. But be careful not to overestimate your capabilities. The food you offer, which reflects your diversity, must be of good quality, always fresh, tasty, and well decorated.

Don’t regret investing in marketing

You are probably wondering when is the right time to start marketing. Our answer is, the right time is always. Before you open a restaurant, introduce potential guests to your food offer, and to the ambiance of the restaurant. Good marketing is half the job, always keep that in mind. Internet marketing, advertising on social networks, your own website, etc., can be of great use in promoting your business but do not neglect traditional forms of advertising, such as brochures, business cards, and other printed materials for advertising.

Friendly, hardworking and meticulous staff is the biggest guarantee for success

In order for your restaurant to operate successfully, a very important business segment is, of course, humanity. It is important who will work in the kitchen and prepare food, who will serve the guests, who will welcome them. Don’t think that this is something that goes without saying because human resources are the most important.

Carefully make a selection of people who will work in your restaurant. These must be people who are ready to invest 100% of their effort, knowledge, time, and above all love for this job. It is up to you to appreciate their work and effort, to value it, and adequately reward it.

Investing in restaurant management is something you should not skimp on, because your investment will be repaid many times over, otherwise you will be doomed. And don’t forget, if the staff is satisfied, you as an employer will be even more satisfied.

Be careful with finances

If you have already decided to get into the business of running a restaurant, you need to think carefully about finances. It is not said by chance that a good caterer has “eyes on his back”, ie that he must see what others do not see and that he must have a sense of business.

Just one wrong decision is enough that could lead you to great financial difficulties. So do not leave anything to chance, but plan every detail in detail.

If you do not have your own facility, it means that you are forced to rent it. Remember that location dictates the price.

Consider the fact that you will initially have expenses that you will have to cover yourself until the business comes to life and the restaurant gains a certain reputation. This is the period when your income will probably not be able to cover your expenses, so you have to be extremely careful with your finances.

A good plan is the basis of a successful business!
As in any other industry, the rule of good planning applies in the hospitality industry. Here maybe even more someone in some other areas of business. If you make a good preparation for opening a restaurant, you will save yourself additional stress.

And as we stated at the beginning of the text, in order to be a good and successful caterer, you must know that opening a restaurant is not easy, it is a long way from the moment you started a restaurant to success in business. In any case, these guidelines can help you along the way.

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