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After the birth of a baby, the main occupation of parents, and primarily mothers, on whom the baby’s diet depends the most, is whether they will have enough milk to be able to breastfeed properly or the first baby food will have to be exclusively formula, or in some cases and a combination of breast milk and baby food.

As the baby’s diet in the first months of life is based only on milk, it is really very important that it be of good quality, ie that it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that ensure the baby’s proper growth and development. Although in most cases breast milk has all the essential ingredients, if you are not able to breastfeed for any reason or you do not have enough milk, there is no need to be bothered by conscience, because baby food contains everything a baby needs.

The first baby food ( breast milk or baby food ) will also be the only baby food until the fourth month, and from that period onwards you can think about gradually introducing other foods into her meals, such as baby food and possibly compotes. and baby juices.

However, even when you include the first baby cots in her diet, know that your milk or baby food will definitely be her basic meal and the biggest source of healthy and nutritious substances until her first birthday.

What will definitely give your baby pleasure is trying different new flavors that the first baby piggy banks contain, but be sure not to overdo it and give your baby several different types of food that he has not tried before because it can cause allergies and other side effects.

Therefore, regardless of whether you make baby food boxes yourself or buy ready-made and instant porridges and cereals, you will provide a proper and balanced diet for your baby only if you offer her milk with solid meals. In addition, pay attention to the age for which baby food is provided, the first baby food boxes and drinks such as baby juices, because all this must be in accordance with the possibilities and needs of the child.

Here’s how to choose the healthiest and most delicious meals for your youngest family members!

Which baby food is best?

Breast milk is certainly the best choice for your baby, but if you are unable or unwilling to breastfeed for any reason, the best first baby food is actually baby food or formula. It contains almost identical ingredients as breast milk and is quite enough to ensure healthy progress for the baby.

When choosing milk for supplementation, what is important is that the baby supplement is adjusted to its age in terms of quantity and ingredients. Since there are babies who are looking for milk even after the first year of life, there is also a supplement on the market for babies who are older.

It is certainly most important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer, of which there are really many, and you will not make any mistake in your choice if the baby has also accepted the selected formula well. However, if you notice that your baby does not like the selected milk and refuses it, consult a pediatrician about changing the formula.

It is now possible to find a formula that is intended for more sensitive babies, that which is of organic origin, a formula that is less easily, enriched with vitamin D and iron, as well as that which is intended for babies who are allergic to milk or have a metabolic disorder. There are really many choices!

When are baby juices and baby formulas good choices?

When a few months pass after the birth of a child, and the baby and her digestive tract become ready for firmer food, you can introduce the first baby cots in consultation with a pediatrician. At first, these porridges will be made from only one food, and then when you try several different types of dishes and the baby accepts them – you can try to combine the ingredients and make very tasty meals for your little ones.

Some pediatricians will advise you to start with cereals, some will say that it is good to start with vegetables, and there are those who advise the first introduction of fruit purees, including baby juices. Whatever you listen to, you won’t go wrong, it’s just important that you start introducing the first baby cots from the 4th month.

However, it is not too late if you decide to do so at only 6 months, because until then the baby has enough ingredients that it takes in through milk, and certainly, the baby is not able to eat solid food in large quantities, so her supplementation will babies will still be needed for a while.

We have already mentioned that you can make the first baby porridges yourself or buy them ready-made in different combinations of groceries, and in addition to the shops, you can also order them at your home address through specialized online stores. There are also various compotes and thick and clear juices for babies of different ages, which are made from natural and quality fruit materials.

However, don’t overdo it with their use – for a baby, milk is the best possible choice in the first year of life, and that is what will make it healthy and happy!

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