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One of the first dilemmas that people face before the task of organizing a celebration is choosing a date for the event, or even determining the period of the year that will ideally enlarge and beautify the space and the whole celebration, and show their happiness, intimacy, or success in the best light.

However, the choice of the period of the year when we want to organize a celebration depends not only on our wishes and possibilities but also on the reservations of the desired salon or restaurant, on whether our favorite musicians are available or the possibilities of guests, registrars, and even the church.

In order not to get into a situation to change your plans, read which periods of the year are ideal for different needs of organizing celebrations, what is the best time to celebrate and what you get with joy in June, and what you will be delighted by during November.

Colder weather for business and organized people

Many people who professionally organize celebrations, such as the Aria Event Center, for example, believe that the best period for organizing a celebration depends solely on our preferences and desires, but in practice, it is clear which types of celebrations are more common in which period.

Fresher days are often the best time to organize a celebration, especially if you are someone who does not have too much time to plan each part of their party on their own.

That is why seminars, workshops, and corporate celebrations are the most numerous – when the joint strength with which all business successes have been achieved is celebrated and the working year comes to an end.

Autumn celebration with the harmony of warm colors

Business ventures don’t have to be the only thing celebrated when temperatures on the scale drop by some degree. For many couples, autumn is the ideal time to celebrate, and the most beautiful time to organize a wedding celebration.

Moderate temperatures, a larger selection of toilets and combinations, a larger selection of delicious food and not so overbooked halls for celebration, as well as a relaxed calendar of guests’ obligations, make this time of year perfect for celebrations of any kind.

Autumn celebrations are very popular because then nature and time get along best. The variety of leaves and trees and the day that is not too warm give a very special charm to the celebration, especially if it is a wedding.

The most beautiful thing at this time of year is the pictures from the wedding, and the overflow of greenery, golden tones, white wedding dress, and contrast with the groom’s suit. Photography is done mostly in some beautiful parks, gardens, courtyards, or lakes.

The colors are refined and intensified in order to emphasize nature and the sun’s rays that break through the clouds, which autumn is perhaps the best time to celebrate.

The magic of winter celebrations by the fireplace

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean “chic winter”, icy rain, and snow, although someone likes to spice up their celebration with a dose of rustic and prepare a celebration for their guests in a log cabin, in front of a fireplace with sparks from the fire, and in a hall with a sweet scent. cinnamon and wet logs.

For that reason, winter weddings are very special, and perhaps the most romantic weddings. If you want a wedding that will stand out from the rest and that will definitely be remembered, organize it in one of the winter months.

Imagine a winter wedding: Outside, the snow is slowly falling, the branches and buildings are decorated with lamps, and inside the youthful atmosphere is upgraded with the glow of candles, a rustic fireplace, and light rhythms – is there anything more romantic?

Warm months for creative and bohemian souls

The most popular period for organizing celebrations has always been the warmer months, precisely because of the nicer and safer weather, but also because of the nature that exudes life and joy in spring and summer. For many people, summer is their favorite season, and even if they are winter-threatening – they will not need much persuasion.

When the time is right, it is easier to choose a place to celebrate a happy occasion, it is easier to convince people to start and have new ideas, it is easier to think about food (without that winter anxiety in the stomach), and it is easier to organize and design decoration.

Spring celebration – a taste of new beginnings and the awakening of nature

After a winter hibernation, heavy food, and frost – it’s time for love and joy to blossom together with nature. After all, spring is the period when you will most easily find a free room, registrar, music, catering, and everything else.

Spring in its spirit provides something especially magical and exciting. Imagine that shared (or youthful) photo in a garden full of flowers that have just blossomed and enticed with its scent, or under the canopies studded with white and soft pink fruits – after all, the Japanese have made it a flourishing business.

Warm summer nights for fairytale celebrations

Summer has always been the most popular period chosen to celebrate an event. And how not to be? Summer provides a large number of options for choosing a large number of factors that will make a celebration or wedding a complete hit:

The guest toilets are lighter and happier.
Choosing a hairstyle that will not be destroyed by wind or rain is easier to do.
There is a larger selection of colorful flowers for decoration.
More places for romantic painting.
The places for organizing the celebration are more numerous (river, lake, terrace, boat).
The summer months awaken some harmony in people, a feeling of need for love and happiness. The sun is shining, everything around us is colorful and bright, the birds are singing… The only drawback of this period is that summer is the season of vacations, exam deadlines, and the busiest dates for celebrations.

The best (and worst) days for organizing a celebration

Not only when planning a festive event, you should pay attention to the month, ie the time of year in which it will be celebrated, but you should also think about the day of the week that will suit each guest.

Arrange every detail to suit everyone, to prevent potential absences due to too much commitment or fatigue.

The beginning of the working week, ie Monday, would be the worst choice for organizing the celebration. Business fairs or seminars can also pass as a Monday “obligation”, but if you are planning a family (or business) party – Friday or Saturday is the ideal time to celebrate when you can gather your loved ones.

Sunday is a somewhat debatable day for organizing any kind of party because we risk jeopardizing tomorrow’s business obligations, a difficult day due to a hangover and unproductiveness. If you know that your corporate party will last until late at night, consider at least announcing a non-working Monday.

Little things to look out for when planning a celebration

Although the basis for planning each celebration is choosing the month and day when you will all gather – that is not the only thing to worry about. There are a few more “little things” that need to coincide in order for the party to be remembered for a long time, but also visited in large numbers. Make sure your desired date is in harmony with some of the common obstacles.

The celebration does not fall during the holidays

Whether it is summer or winter, there are months that are “reserved” in advance for going on vacation, to the sea, or to the mountains. In winter, these are usually the days around the New Year holidays, or after Christmas. The summer months have July – when the heat is the worst and the population is fleeing the sea.

If you decide to have your party during the month of July, you should be clear that it is possible to lose some friends or business partners at an event that is important to you.

In addition, July (until mid-August) is usually the warmest month, so don’t forget the adequate ventilation and cooling devices that the space for celebrations should have.

Period of sporting events

This refers to those moments if you know that one of the guests would travel because of a game or is an athlete, so he will not be able to attend due to professional obligations. Also, if one of the popular championships is in progress, count on the potential absence of some guests.

Matching past or future celebrations

It is not convenient if you organize the party in such a way that it continues for some (last night’s) celebration, or that people did not have enough time to recover from the previous sleepless night. Also, take care that your celebration does not continue with a celebration, birthday, wedding, or some other major event.

School activities

As when it comes to vacations for adults, so do their children have a period when their school obligations allow or do not allow them to stay at your celebration as long as you would like.

Students dissolve in the winter and the year can be a period when you are most relaxed youngest but also when traveling with their parents. Therefore, you can manage according to parental responsibilities. Weather exam periods and student tours can also be difficulties when assembling nice people concerned.

Planning a celebration is not an easy task because it requires a lot of effort, careful planning, and fitting of various factors, which are often impossible to predict. So that you don’t have to spend a week looking for the ideal day of the month, or even a year for your celebration – use our little guidelines with which the festive event will be a complete hit.

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