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What can we learn about money from movies? Are they just there to deceive us while the reality is different or is there still some truth in them.

The movie Slumdog Millionaire, for example, talks about how a poor Indian comes to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz. By coincidence, he knows the answers to all questions and becomes a millionaire.

How does he know the answers? He found out about them in various situations in his past.

So, for example, he knows who is on the $ 100 bill because a friend once told him that and it is actually the only bill he knows anything about.

His life path is very difficult, he has left an orphan early and his brother and he survive on the road. He falls in love with a girl (then she is still a girl) but life separates them and he later constantly tries to reach her.

As he progresses in the quiz, he is getting closer to “winning” her. When the last question finally comes the whole country is on its feet, everyone is watching the show on television.

People are happy. Will it really be the first time an ordinary man of the road has won millions unlike many of the more educated who have failed to do so.

He unfortunately does not know the answer to the last question but accidentally hits it and wins millions. And as befits a happy ending, he also gets the girl of his life. And only towards the end does it become clear that nothing in life is accidental and that the protagonist is truly a special person.

At one point his brother says: He will never give up! (from the girl op.a.) It is precisely this persistence to follow his heart that is his chief quality. And then, when the film spins backward, it is realized that this is a man who is ready to jump into a septic tank just to get the signature of his favorite actor. It is a man who is willing to do anything to follow his dreams and has not accidentally succeeded.

Is it just a movie or an ordinary, poor, man can really become a millionaire? He seems to be able to, if he really wants to.

The movie Man about town (starring Ben Affleck) is truly something special. The protagonist of the film already has everything. Wealth, a huge beautiful house, he drives a Mercedes, he is married to a supermodel. In short the dream of every man who wants to become successful.

But he is missing something, he feels dissatisfied. He dedicated himself to his career, earned a lot of money, and what now?

He enrolls in a writing course and begins writing a diary. He writes about his feelings and thoughts and tries to come to his senses. Looking for an answer to the question who am I?

Through this writing and tracking of his thoughts and feelings, he comes to himself and eventually leaves his company which he has built hard.

No, he doesn’t become as poor as the character from the previous film. What is crucial is the part when he describes how he actually became successful.

He got a job in a company in a low position. He recognized that what the company was doing was actually what he wanted to do and began to mentally (in his head) prepare how one day he would have his own company.

How many suitcase carriers dream of their own hotel? He visualized his success right from the start and knew it was only a matter of time before that would happen.

He started from the position as if he already has his own company and as if he is already successful and just waiting for it to take place in reality.

And it’s a real process that we have to go through if we want to achieve financial freedom or become rich.

Let’s say you want to become a director at the company you work for, but not because you have a higher salary or an official car but because you adore that job and want to do it more and better.

The motive is the most important thing. Start preparing for your new job. Imagine what skills and knowledge you would need to have to become a director today? Get them now.

What magazines would you read if you became a director? Start reading them today. What kind of people would you hang out with? Etc. etc.

These are the things you need to do in advance to become the person for that job. Forget relationships, ties, relatives and similar nonsense. Even if they make you a director if you don’t have that capacity you will be a bad director and you will just screw up the company and the people in it.

Who wants to be bad at their job? Nobody.

And for the end – a Jerry Maguire movie. Tom Cruise in the lead role surpassed himself, and the phrase ‘Show me the money! ‘ he became a universal postman.

The movie starts well. The main character has a good job – he works as a sports manager. He generally earns well, but suddenly his conscience wakes him.

He suddenly realizes that the company he works for and the people around him think too much only about money and too little about the athletes they represent. They have too many clients and I can’t dedicate myself to them. Solution?

Let’s return to the love of work and quality and reduce the number of clients. Everything would have been fine if he hadn’t put it all down on paper and distributed the letter to ALL employees in the company out of the great enthusiasm that overwhelmed him.

He gets a short round of applause and then a dismissal. The rest of the film struggles to make money. He manages to pull only one footballer with him out of the company and establishes his own.

That footballer (played by the great Cuba Gooding Jr.) trusts Jerry, but he too is just concentrating on money and driving him crazy with his hunting demands.

At one point Jerry goes crazy and tells him to just play football with his heart like he did at the beginning of his career and let him stop being envious of others and constantly thinking about money.

Let him look after himself and do his job the best he can.

The point is to do business from the heart, not for money, and only then can success be achieved.

If you are struggling at work and doing something you don’t really like, what will be the result of your work like that? Who needs something you did against your will or with hatred? Who are you going to sell it to?

And here is a happy ending and in the end everyone gets what they really wanted. But in order to get it, they had to change themselves, face themselves and (listen) to their heart. But, even he is just concentrating on money and driving him crazy with his hunting demands.

But it’s all nice on film. When it comes to our lives, we are afraid to follow what we feel is right and would rather end up in some boring and pointless job than take a risk and embark on what truly attracts us. But the more fear you feel the more you can be sure that this is exactly the job of your dreams and that this is exactly what you need to do.

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