Useful Tips for Renovating the Kitchen

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Making a good kitchen renovation plan is not always easy. There are many things to consider before embarking on this great home project. To get a functional kitchen that captivates with its superior appearance, you need to carefully consider all your options, estimate what budget you have and find the best masters who will put your ideas into practice.

We have prepared some useful tips that can help you go through the process of renovating your kitchen as efficiently and efficiently as possible. Read on.

Choose your new style and layout

At the beginning of every kitchen renovation there is a question: why are you renovating? Is the existing kitchen dilapidated, do you want a more functional or modern kitchen? What changes do you want to make? It is very important that already in this segment of renovation it is clear how big a project you are getting into. It is quite certain that the replacement of household appliances and kitchen elements will not require the same resources as the complete demolition and renovation of the kitchen space.

If renovating your kitchen is your do-it-yourself project, research all the interior design ideas until you find the style and design you like best. Another option is to hire professionals who can do it for you. Assess which option pays off the most and in what style you want to decorate the new kitchen, and then start working.

Check and repair installations

Functionality comes first. Before you start gluing new tiles and buying white goods, check all your water pipes and make the necessary repairs and replacements.

If you have often had problems with clogging the sink, renovation is definitely the right opportunity to solve these accidents once and for all. Seek the opinion of a reliable and professional company, such as the plumber union, whether it is only necessary to clean the walls of the pipe from grease and dirt or they should be completely replaced.

Thorough cleaning and removal of the cause of congestion will result in the sink in working order. Once you ensure the functionality in the kitchen, you can continue with further decoration.

Make a custom kitchen

When you are already renovating, let it be completely to your liking. One option is to buy kitchen elements of standard dimensions that you will fit with home appliances. However, apart from the fact that it can cost you a lot, there is always the possibility that this variant will not be the realization of all your ideas.

Another option is to look for a good furniture workshop and order a custom-made kitchen that will perfectly complete your space and use all its potentials. If you decide for this variant, you can manage your budget more flexibly, by choosing materials – plywood, MDF, wood, but also the appropriate handles for cabinets, the arrangement of shelves for dishes and the like.

Find the best solution for floors and walls

After arranging the installations, and before you start buying new kitchen elements, you need to choose the appropriate floor and wall tiles. If this is a big expense for you, you can also install laminate flooring instead of ceramic tiles. Modern types of laminate are made with a special layer of protection from moisture, so it is suitable even for kitchens where liquids and other stains that accompany food preparation often spill.

As far as the walls are concerned, ceramic tiles proved to be the most practical solution for the surface above the worktop and the stove. Paint the other walls with acrylic paints, because they have a high degree of durability and water resistance, so they are so grateful for maintenance.

Buy white goods and equipment wisely

Lastly, a significant portion of your renovation budget should be allocated for the purchase of new appliances and all related equipment. Refrigerator, stove and sink are the basic appliances that every kitchen must have. You don’t have to replace all your home appliances, especially if they are still functional. You want to keep those appliances that work great and fit into your new kitchen design. Redirect the money to the purchase of those appliances that you do not have, and can make your life significantly easier, such as a dishwasher.

Improve lighting

One of the most important things to consider when renovating a kitchen is lighting. Although many people think that recessed lighting is sufficient, experts in the field of interior design recommend installing as many light sources in the kitchen as possible. Instead of a ceiling light, opt for a bulb below the ceiling height to get a more uniform light. Also, don’t forget that hanging cabinets can prevent light from falling on your work surfaces. Plan the lighting under the wall cabinets.

Arm yourself: with patience and money

Yes, renovating a kitchen can be a real challenge for the whole family. The fact is that you will not be able to use this space while the project is in progress, and that can be inconvenient, especially if you have children. That is why it is important to provide a temporary, improvised kitchen before starting the renovation (take the stove and refrigerator to the covered terrace, for example, if you do not have space in the apartment). Manage your finances wisely so that you do not incur unnecessary expenses and lose valuable funds.

Patience is an essential element in this process. It will not always be easy to maintain a good mood with all the masters who hang around the house. However, you will realize that it was worth it when you come to your renovated and brilliantly new kitchen and prepare the first dish for your family. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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