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So far, we have published the lists of the best phones on the market several times , so this time we decided to change that and try to make a list that will tell us which are the worst phones ever made . The criteria for evaluating such phones are not their specifications, since most of the listed phones belong to the old guard. We took into account the ratio of price and quality and what the phone could provide to the users. It has everything, so we will immediately see which are the worst phones ever.


The worst phones ever – launched before the advent of smartphones
Since it is not fair to put them in the same basket, we will first present to you which are the worst phones ever made, and they do not belong to smartphones, but to good old mobile phones. Their common characteristic is that they are different, bolder and somewhat more innovative than their contemporaries , and here are the exact models in question:

  • Motorola Razr2 V9 Ferrari – this was an attempt at cooperation between Motorola and Ferrari that ended very infamously. This phone appeared on the market in 2008 and cost $ 629, which was a very high price for a single mobile phone. What Motorola’s share in this miracle is is the complete performance of hardware and software, and Ferrari has invested its name, Ferrari melody and several wallpapers. You can’t even imagine how bad that whole package looked, so it deserved to be on our list of the worst phones ever.


  • Motorola Rokr E1 – This Motorola model was made in 2005 to attract all fans of Apple’s iPod and allow them to use a phone that has the same functionality as this little one. Motorola even managed to convince Apple to give its consent for iTunes to be built into this phone , but even that failed to convince users that this is a good device. Its main drawback was that the phone supported a maximum of 100 songs. The iPod Nano came out the same year, and which device do you think users first chose?


  • Nokia N Cage – In 2003, Nokia glowed and ignited the global mobile phone market and was at the height of its fame. Full of confidence, the company decided to try something completely different and that’s how Nokia N Cage was created. Some would say that this is a phone that was ahead of its time, while others would call it a monstrous hybrid. Namely, in order to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy, Nokia constructed a device that was a mixture of a phone and a game console. The very awkward, elliptical shape and oversized screen were not exactly the epitome of style and gaming prestige, and on the other hand the device was too robust to be handled normally. Needless to say, this is one of the frequent guests on lists like ours because the worst phones ever often come from quite good ideas and intentions.


  • Nokia 7280 – Here is another Nokia phone on our list. This time, the designers had a great idea, but unfortunately it turned out that in practice things work a little differently. Nokia boomed the market with this phone in 2004 and introduced a rotating keyboard for the first time. Everything was fine when users intended to call a number, however trouble arose when they tried to write a message, send an SMS, or do anything else. It seems that innovative design alone is not enough – something called a good user experience is needed.
  • Nokia 8800 – In 2005, Nokia managed to make a phone that will be on the list of the worst phones ever. What repelled customers at first glance was the price of $ 1,599 for the basic functions that every phone has, such as calling and sending a message. Nokia 8800 phones were intended for customers with deeper pockets, but they did not manage to win their sympathy. . Nothing special for today’s conditions, right? But in 2005, it was still a big deal.


The worst phones ever in the era of smartphones
Now it’s the turn of somewhat newer models that can boast the title of smartphones. Here are the worst phones ever in the smartphone era:

  • HTC Cha Cha – we start with the HTC Cha Cha phone which is first on the list when it comes to the worst phones ever made in the age of smartphones. There are so many things that are wrong here. Let’s start with the name, which is pretty funny, through the look of the phone that resembles a bad copy of a Blackberry phone, all the way to the most interesting part – the Facebook button. You read that right – in addition to the QWERTY keyboard, HTC has added a special button for visiting the Facebook application. Without any special specifications, it is no wonder that these worst phones have failed to find their way to customers, so they have never achieved significant success in the market.


  • HTC Wildfire – the reason why this phone is on our list of the worst phones ever is simple – the 3.2 inch screen does not fit at all with a resolution of only 240 × 320 pixels. Although this was one of the cheaper phones, such a failure can by no means be forgiven for HTC, which was at the peak of its power in 2010 (when this phone saw the light of day).
  • Kyocera Echo – the concept by which this phone is made is very interesting – the phone itself contains two 3.5 ” screens , which when combined form a large 4.7 ” screen. The Kyocera Echo, made in 2011, is the forerunner of today’s phablet phones that looked very bad. The battery of only 1370mAh was too weak for such a big step, while the work on the phone was significantly slowed down because the applications were difficult to run (or not at all).


  • LG Chocolate – this phone appeared on the market in 2009 and was announced as a serious threat to iPhone phones. Unfortunately, apart from the price, he could not match the well-known Apple product with anything else. Since it wasn’t nearly as good and useful as the iPhone, it’s hard to say that users were disappointed and refused to accept this LG model with a sweet name.
  • LG Optimus 3D – although LG came up with a pretty good name for the phone, good is by no means an adjective we would use to describe this device. The design of the phone is too sharp and uncomfortable for users, and the battery is extremely weak – it had a power of only 1500 mAh. These features are quite enough to bring this device to the list of the worst phones ever, which is a real shame because it really has a very good name.


  • Motorola Flipout – Motorola has found its place here and offered us its favorite for the list of the worst phones ever. Although the idea was great, again it turned out that the designers were in too much of a hurry and didn’t think hard enough before they launched the device. Motorola Flipout phones are those that you “flip”, that is, open, pushing the top of the phone to the left to get to the keyboard. However, apart from this interesting feature, this phone had nothing else to boast about. For 2010, it was far behind its competitors when it comes to battery life, poor hardware and a not at all impressive camera.
  • Samsung Moment – maybe Samsung now rules the smartphone market, but in 2009 that was by no means the case. Samsung Moment is the best proof. This is one of those phones where you first have to slide to get to the keyboard. While you may not be a fan of these tricks, sliding alone is not enough to put a phone on our list of the worst phones ever. But when you add to that the fact that the Samsung Moment was extremely unreliable and was constantly being shot at, it will be like you deserve your place in this society.


These were the worst phones ever of our choice. If you have your favorite that we forgot to mention, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to complete the list. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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