The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World (List)

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In this article, I give you my list of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Each of us has a favorite restaurant that he likes to visit and it is for him that he claims to stand out from the others, most often by the atmosphere and that only there do we feel pleasant and comfortable, almost at home.

Whether you like a simple and harmonious interior or a slightly more luxurious style, some detail will always catch your eye. If you are engaged in interior design, you should pay attention to the highest quality floors offered by MV Selection, Belgrade, due to which your catering facility will be classified in the category of luxury. And here are the restaurants you can look up to.

Masa: The Royal Treatment in New York

The Masa restaurant is located in the Time Warner Center in New York and is one of the most expensive restaurants in the entire world. The waiting lists for this restaurant are long, and visitors claim that the wait is worth it because the service is at a high level.

In the exclusively equipped restaurant, the head chef will welcome you, and the royal treatment you will have during the visit will certainly be the main reason to visit this restaurant if you are traveling to the USA.

At the same time, the restaurant can have dinner for up to 26 guests, which guarantees that each guest will be given the attention he deserves and that he will be able to enjoy the specialties by which this restaurant is recognizable in New York.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee – a luxury in the center of Paris

One of the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants in Paris is famous for its menu, which is not only known all over Paris, but guests from all over the world come to try these dishes. Three restaurants from this restaurant chain have the highest rating: 3 Michelin stars, and when you are in the capital of France, you should also visit Disneyland.

Everything is designed to suit guests, from tables and chairs to the smallest details. The space is open, clear, and the crystal chandeliers on the ceilings will give you the impression that you are in a castle. The atmosphere is intimate and pleasant and there is no doubt that you will enjoy the whole ambiance.

New Nordic cuisine: Restaurant Noma

One of the most famous restaurants in Copenhagen, for three years it was first on the list of the best ranked, and then there were big changes. The restaurant relies exclusively on ingredients that it can procure in the immediate vicinity, which was especially attractive to guests because they could try authentic Danish dishes.

Unusual combinations of dishes, unique ambiance, and recognizable Scandinavian charm have positioned this restaurant in the top ten most expensive and best-decorated restaurants in the world, which impresses owners who have modestly started the whole business.

Eleven Madison Park: Culinary Alchemy in New York

This restaurant could be said to be a classic modern New York restaurant, but it cannot be said that a place that fits into any framework is just the opposite, it goes beyond what is expected in the best possible sense.

The modern atmosphere and additional charm of French culinary magic make this place unique in the city, and the head chef who knows the culture of the city in which he creates real works of art on a plate is unrivaled in his work, which visitors recognize.

Celler de Can Roca: Mom and Dad’s kitchen in a new way

Who would have thought that the three brothers who run this restaurant will make a real miracle out of mom’s and dad’s kitchen in the culinary world? The interior of their restaurant is considered the most beautiful in Europe, and the meals are a magical blend of Mediterranean flavors.

It is difficult to choose the most luxurious and most expensive restaurants in the world because their owners are trying to improve them day by day in order to maintain the quality and recognizable atmosphere.

Some stand out with authentic cuisine, unusual ingredients, but the fact is that they have in common that they all have a luxurious and pleasantly designed interior that leaves visitors breathless and to whom they return because of the intimate atmosphere.

Guests always recognize and appreciate the graceful and full service, and employees as well as restaurant owners, mostly family and with a long tradition, share a passion for work, and this can be recognized on the satisfied faces of visitors. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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