The Most Expensive European Cities to Live and Travel

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In this article, I give you a shortlist of the most expensive European cities to live in and travel to. If you are thinking of traveling, you must include in the bill the prices of accommodation and travel necessities, as well as food, outings…

Prices in popular European destinations can shock you – here are a few places where your pocket will lose weight quickly, as these are the most expensive European cities for life and travel!

Many agree that there is no better hobby than travel; nothing is more beautiful than changing the environment, meeting new people and their way of life, enjoying the culture of foreign countries.

However, this hobby is sometimes extremely expensive. These are European cities for which you will have to save more money.

1 Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland)

Zurich Switzerland, view from the river on the featured image above.
Switzerland has long had a reputation as one of the countries where prices are extremely high, especially compared to neighboring European countries. The cost of living here is very high, but salaries follow them – the minimum in Switzerland is around $25 per hour.

Some of the reasons for the high prices are the fact that, although it is on the territory of Europe and has several signed agreements with the EU – Switzerland is not actually in the European Union; therefore it is not subject to fundamental market regulation.

Zurich is its capital, and shares the first place on the list with Geneva; real estate here is so expensive that it is almost impossible to buy it if you are an ordinary person from the middle class, and the price of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the area outside the center is almost a thousand and a half euros!

2 Paris (France)

Paris city panorama is amazing.
City of lights – and high prices; Paris is one of the most luxurious European cities. Here, real estate prices are slightly lower than in Switzerland, and they increase as you get closer to the city center – and only extremely wealthy people can afford an apartment in the center of Paris.

Food prices are almost twice as high as in Serbia, but the minimum wage is around 1,480 euros a month. Considering the high prices in Paris, this seemingly large amount barely covers the costs of a modest life in the French capital.

3 Pepper Scandinavia – Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki

Copenhagen by the river – Denmark.
The Scandinavian capitals are next on the list of the most expensive cities in Europe. The cost of living in Denmark, Norway, and Finland is very high by our standards.

Is it true that a glass of beer in a Scandinavian pub costs 12 euros, as many of our people believe?

It’s not! However, the price is still not low – one beer on the way out will cost you around $7, and if you leave work for a lunch break, you will stay hungry without $18. However, a strong social protection system ensures that people are not left homeless: social assistance in Norway will provide you with an extremely modest life, but the cold and hunger will not bother you.

4 And where is Belgrade?

According to one Telegraph list, Belgrade is on the 34th place, right behind Budapest and Moscow, which by our standards are not cheap at all. What is minimal in some countries, is the dream salary in Serbia – but the prices are different.

Belgrade is an extremely expensive city for the citizens of Serbia, starting with food and drinks, taxis, going out, all the way to issuing real estate and bills. Some prices are drastically lower than European ones, for example, monthly expenses for the internet, restaurant and bar meals and drinks, and on the other hand – monthly bills are approximately the same as in Paris, with much lower salaries. Food prices in Serbia are also not much lower than in Europe, and quality and supply are scarcer.

When everything is added up, Belgrade is expensive for Belgraders, but not foreigners!

Luxury Apartments Belgrade – are a favorite type of accommodation for foreign tourists, but are increasingly becoming popular among our people.

Real estate prices and apartments for rent in Belgrade are very favorable for someone with a mediocre European salary, and if lower prices of everything else are taken into account, it is certain that someone who receives a Paris salary in Belgrade will feel much better and live in luxury. This is one of the main reasons why tourists always come back.

Here is my short video where I show you the Cost of living in Belgrade Serbia:

Salaries abroad seem huge to someone from this area, but when you take into account the prices there, those salaries are not really high in reality. The cost of living takes away a large portion of the salary earmarked for more fun activities, whatever language you speak. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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