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Splendor is a game where you collect chips and buy development cards. Players take on the role of Renaissance merchants who compete to buy more gem mines, better transport those gems, and open better stores to distribute the gems.

The goal is to become the most prestigious jeweler. If you are rich enough, maybe someone from noble families will visit your jewelry store, which will of course raise your prestige even more and show that you are above the others.

On your move, you can do one of the following actions: 1) pick up the chips (which represent gems), 2) buy the card that is offered and immediately build the promotion that is on it, 3) reserve one of the cards.

Splendor board game contains:

7x emerald
7x diamonds
7x sapphire
7x onyx
7x ruby
5x gold
10x tile nobles
40x level I cards
30x cards II level
20x cards III level
1x rules of the game

SPLENDOR Game Rules 1
Splendor cards

When you take gems or take one of each color or two of the same color.

When you buy cards, you pay for them in jewels.

When you reserve a card to make sure you are buying it and not other players, you practically lose the round, but you also get a gold chip that practically represents a jewel joker that changes any jewel.

All the cards you buy increase your wealth by giving you a permanent bonus when buying gems. Some cards also give you prestige points.

To win the game, the goal is to reach 15 prestige points ahead of other players.

Splendor is a game that, when it appeared in 2014, completely drove the whole gaming world crazy. She has collected numerous awards, and with her simplicity, but also with the depth of tactics and competitiveness, she attracts new players day by day.

What is also interesting about the game is that the chips that represent gems are made of heavy thick plastic and are very similar to poker chips, and they add that extra flair to the game, and give weight to your decisions because you feel like you have treasure.

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