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With the expansion of the middle-class smartphone market, there has inevitably been a race between manufacturers to offer as many features as possible for a certain price. The phone that perhaps best illustrates this situation is the Sony Xperia SP. It is a device that with a mediocre price brings a lot of advanced technological solutions taken from the larger and more expensive model Xperia Z. This means that Sony is very pleased with the divorce from Ericsson because this manufacturer simply broke down and tirelessly punched phones from the Xperia series. It is clear to everyone that this is not because of “cheese and military music”, but because every category of customers would be offered a suitable phone.

Sony Xperia SP – for whom it is intended

If you are wondering where the Sony Xperia SP designed, the answer to those who do not have enough money for a sophisticated and powerful Xperia Z model and also to those who would go down to a level that offers the Xperia E. This model could be compared to the Acer Liquid E2, ZTE Blade 3, and the much more famous LG Optimus G Pro. Still, it is enough to look at what the mentioned phones look like and it will be immediately clear to you that Sony stands out from the others. This is also clear when you consider other technologies that Sony incorporates into its models, such as the Bravia Engine, Exmor RS sensor, and the inevitable gaming temple – PlayStation.

Sony Xperia SP design

Let’s start with looks. The Sony Xperia SP isn’t exactly the daddy of design mats. Far from the phone refusing its appearance. On the contrary. The phone looks more than decent, with a not-so-great choice of colors, but still, there is not much to complain about black, white, and red.

The back of the phone, unlike the front and sides, is covered with plastic, which is smooth and pleasant to the touch. In the middle is the Xperia logo, which is perfectly integrated into its environment, so it can be said that Sony managed to give this phone a better and more elegant look with small “tricks” than its class would otherwise do.

Sony Xperia SP screen

The Sony Xperia SP features a 4.6-inch screen with a fine 720 × 1280 pixels, which is expected to be lower and smaller than the standard and powerful 5-inch HD screens from the leading models. However, the English would say that the screen of these dimensions is “pocket-friendly”. As the case is covered with a metal surface, a weight of 155 grams is expected. What is striking is that Sony did not dare to expand the screen to the very edges of the phone, but there is a solid “material” on the side.

Sony Xperia SP camera

The camera is a small masterpiece of a Japanese manufacturer. With 8MP, it is in the range of the estimated price. Although it lags behind the best phone cameras, these 8 million pixels are quite enough to replace a standard camera in everyday use. One of the main “culprits” for this is the mentioned Exmor RS sensor. On the front there is a VGA camera for video calls or self-photography.

Sony Xperia SP – memory, processor, and graphics

The plastic back of the Sony Xperia SP is movable and moving it leads to space for the memory card, which will expand the insufficient 8GB of internal storage to a maximum of 32GB. Inside, there is also a dual-core processor at 1.7GHz and 1GB of RAM with an Adreno 320 graphics chip. We believe that this has already been respected in advance by every potential buyer of this phone.

Sony Xperia SP Conclusion

Given its price, it can be said that the Sony Xperia SP is quite an affordable phone. Its biggest problem may be that some older premium models, like the Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 4S for example, still stick to themselves. As their successors offer 5-inch screens, it is clear that the Sony Xperia SP may be your choice if you do not need such a screen. With 4.6 inches, it can work very nicely, and the Sony Xperia SP should be enjoyed as the best multimedia device, thanks to Sony’s great applications.

What you should know before buying this phone is that Sony did not adequately “cover” all these great options with a battery, so you will need a charger before the end of the day. Some may be bothered by the fact that there is a dual-core processor, but you should be reasonable and understand that gold is not everything that shines and that you can live without 4 or more cores. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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