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Samsung was among the first to enter the production of smart watches. As this is still a relatively new category of products, opinions about them are divided. There are different reasons for this. Specifically in this case you have two of these. The first is that Samsung Gear 2 Neoit is not yet a fully affordable device, although it cannot be said to be too expensive. Still, this is a smartwatch, not a phone, so its current price, which corresponds to some middle segment of the phone, is still hampering sales, but I’m sure that it will quickly fall into place, so that Samsung Gear 2 Neo or some other smart watches start to be bought instead of the classic wristwatch. The other thing is that the Samsung Gear 2 Neo is only compatible with Samsung devices, which is certainly not a philosophy we want to stick to. It could be said that it is Apple. Samsung Gear 2 Neo is a slightly weakened version of Gear 2. It works with the same applications as Gear 2, has the same screen and processor and offers all the features as the aforementioned more expensive model (including heart rate monitoring and replacement for TV remote control).

Samsung Gear 2 Neo design
Samsung Gear 2 Neo 2

The device comes in three colors: black, gray and orange. The watch has a very good and especially bright AMOLED screen. Compared to the standard Gear, the Samsung Gear 2 Neo looks a bit more modern and perhaps more acceptable for young people. The watch bracelet can be changed for another one from the Gear series or most of the standard ones, which we already use.

On the back, the watch has a microUSB port for charging the battery, but it’s a bit harder to access, so until you get used to it, it might get on your nerves a bit. Speaking of charging the battery, it lasts for several hours and after that the watch is ready for use for the next 3-4 days. Battery life may be longer, but it is not connected to your phone. Samsung Gear 2 Neo is water and dust resistant.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo options
This smartwatch has quite a few features available to the user. There’s a stopwatch, a timer, a weather app, a WatchON app that turns your watch into a remote control, via an infrared transmitter. Of course, there are also options that you can often see on Samsung smartphones, but also a heart rate monitor, music player and pedometer. However, for some it will be more important to know that the Samsung Gear 2 Neo is equipped with both a microphone and a speaker, for making calls, but also for controlling the phone by voice. There are of course options for accessing social networks, YouTube, Gmail and the like.

Since this is a smart watch, and not an instrument for measuring physical fitness and health, it is possible that the read data on the work of your heart will be inaccurate, so this is what you should keep in mind. Sometimes it happens that the reading does not take place. Still, the Samsung Gear 2 Neo data it collects syncs with the S Health option on the new Galaxy S5 smartphone or other Samsung products.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo vs Samsung Gear Fit
These two smart watches are in our offer, but the question is which one to choose. The prices are approximate, so you may make a choice based on their appearance. Gear Fit has a longer, curved screen and looks more sporty, but also futuristic. Gear 2 Neo is a more standard, square shape, so it is perhaps more intended for those who are looking for a “smart” replacement for their classic watch. Gear 2 Neo has slightly better features, because you can record music on it, which you can listen to through headphones, and which connect to the watch via Bluetooth. At the same time, it lasts longer than the Gear Fit, which is more like a bracelet, so you get the impression that it can fall off your hand. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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