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The Galaxy Trend Duos is one of Samsung’s latest creations with a signature mark. This dual-card phone is a continuation of the practice of manufacturing devices with a 4-inch screen. The fact that this series was started by the very successful Samsung Galaxy S model, which survived in a slightly higher price category compared to this model, also shows how much Samsung is attached to this category.

Admittedly, it also had a slightly better specification, but I have to be honest and immediately say that the Galaxy Trend is not a bad choice either. Of course, it goes without saying that in that case you don’t mind the slightly older version of the Android operating system and a few more objections.

I assume that the low price of this phone will not be a disadvantage, but only a plus for the Galaxy Trend, especially if we know that Samsung sticks to its reputation, which is reflected in the not so low prices.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos design

The visual impression that this phone leaves is not significantly different from the sea of ​​similar ones offered by Samsung. The Galaxy Trend Duos does not have the best Samsung design, but the more classic one offered by this manufacturer.

The edges of the phone are slightly rounded with a simple home key, with two additional capacitive keys. The main button is located on the side, while on the opposite side is the one for volume control. There is a microSD slot on the bottom of the phone.

On the back there is a camera of only 3MP, which is located right next to the speaker, or the grille that covers it. The camera is not equipped with a flash, so the results it gives can be characterized as basic. Generally, this camera can be used if you do not have a camera or if you want to share photos via social networks.

The back is easy to remove and thus comes with a battery, microSD slot and two SIM card slots.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Trend lies nicely in your hand. Due to its body wrap, you will not have a load on your fingers, and its light weight of 128g also affects that.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos specification

The 1GHz dual-core processor is currently the minimum below which you should not go, even when it comes to phones like this. Of course, the Galaxy Trend Duos isn’t impressive when it comes to results.

Downtime is possible from time to time, especially when more demanding applications are used.

The phone uses the classic TouchWiz interface. Regardless of the lack of power, it is interesting that the applications are activated relatively quickly, and that surfing the Internet is not bad at all.

With the Jelly Bean Android operating system, newer version options won’t be available to you, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the user profile for which the Galaxy Trend Duos is intended.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos Conclusion

This 1500mAh phone will not impress with battery life, but still it will be enough for a maximum of 8 hours of talk time, while the result in stand by mode of about 35 hours is not commendable, but if you are used to charging your smartphone every night, then you nor will the Galaxy Trend Duos force you to change your habits.

With a fairly affordable price, the Galaxy Trend Duos is a pretty good choice. With the option of using two SIM cards, quite a solid design, this phone gives quite solid results. With the camera, as an unpleasant surprise, the Galaxy Trend Duos does not hide that it has flaws, but for this price it is forgiven. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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