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The Galaxy Grand Duos has been a huge success for Samsung. Now it’s the heir’s turn. Can the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos replicate the success of its predecessor and justify the trust? The competition is never stronger. In essence, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos brings several changes compared to the original model, but also a higher price. In such situations, the question always arises whether the heir brings better characteristics or only a new (usually higher) price. This is especially important because there are plenty of competitors and now mid-range phones often offer features that until yesterday was reserved for the best phones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos design

The predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos had the good fortune to look like the Galaxy S3. Samsung continued in this style when designing this model. As the Galaxy S4 came out in the meantime, then the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos got its aesthetic lines. The phone has the same weight of 163g but is thinner by 8.9mm. The surface of the plastic on the front is quite reduced, so the generous 5.2-inch screen comes to full expression. As expected, the Grand 2 Duos is made of plastic. The build quality is very good, so it’s no surprise that the phone works solidly.

The background is covered with imitation leather, which becomes a trademark of Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer applied this practice for the first time with the Note 3, but this custom will continue. The edges are nicely chrome-plated. The background is easily removed by revealing two SIM slots and one microSD slot. There is also a 2,600mAh battery.

There is also a speaker in the background that gives a sufficient level of volume for the ringing sound, although the notifications are slightly less audible. However, it is interesting that the phone does not have a notification light, which is simply unacceptable for this class of phone.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos specifications and Performance

The phone basically works quite nicely. Still, the Grand 2 Duos isn’t immune to occasional downtime, which is a bit odd since the device is equipped with 1.5GB of RAM. The 8GB memory can easily be expanded up to 64GB. The screen is significantly better than the one from the previous model. This is a TFT variant with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels. With 280 pixels on this diagonal, the phone does not boast an extra class, but the readability is acceptable.

With that in mind, it is clear that the screen size is its greatest quality. The screen still shows natural colors, the text is without pronounced pixels, and the sensitivity is at a good level.

The phone runs on 4.3 Android OS with a TouchWizz interface. Special mention should be made of multi-windows as a practical side of this software. There are also some tried and tested Samsung options.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Duos camera

The Grand 2 Duos seems to have inherited the camera from its predecessor. It is an 8MP camera, which is ok in principle because the Galaxy Grand Duos also had a good camera. This camera shows all its potential in macro mode when it is able to capture a lot of details. At the same time, outdoor photos are really good.

Galaxy Grand 2 Duos conclusion

When we have all this in mind and when we know that the battery allows two days of normal use, then the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos is not a bad device. However, its price is not low, and realistically the phone does not have some options that it should have for that money. It is generally a good phone, but we think there are better options for that amount. Still, if you want a phone that looks like the Galaxy S4 with slightly above-average features, the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos is available. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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