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Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is a phone that combines new technologies in one device. This phone with a 4G connection is one of the cheapest of its kind, but that does not mean that it is still cheap. In principle, the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 belongs to the middle class, where a phone with a large enough 4.5-inch screen and dual-core processor certainly belongs.

The Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is a pretty solid phone at a slightly higher price, which is one of the main obstacles to buying this phone. Express 2 can be interesting for those who are looking for advanced smartphone features, but who are not willing to pay hundreds of euros for models in the premium segment.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 design

The second-generation Samsung Galaxy Express model is moderate in terms of size and weight. With 132.4 x 65.7 x 9.8 mm and 134.2 g, it is an average device. The 4.5-inch screen also supports this, so the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is neither too big nor too small. The pocket is generally spacious enough for it, although a slightly chubby phone can be more uncomfortable to carry as it has 9.8mm at the waist.

Visually, the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 resembles the Galaxy Mini S4, which is a very good thing. A large number of people like what the smaller Galaxy S4 looks like and the designers of this company know that very well, so they applied the tried and tested recipe here and the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 looks like a solid phone and instills enough confidence in the quality of workmanship.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 screen

The 4.5-inch IPS LCD has a resolution of 540 × 960 pixels at 245 pixels per inch. The image is pretty good for its class, with solid sharpness. The larger font is easy to read, but smaller letters can cause problems. The colors are not perfect. They look a little washed out, so you should skip this phone if this is a vital issue for you. This screen does not have a light sensor so it cannot automatically adjust the brightness. Thus, in daylight, the readability of the content can be problematic.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android and TouchWizz interface. So, the software is not the latest, but Samsung has tried to put an interesting interface, which could somewhat compensate for the lack of the latest options. The interface looks very nice, and we also have useful features like S Beam, Smart Stay, and Screen Mirroring.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 specification and performance

Thanks to the dual-core processor, the experience with this phone are positive. The machine runs smoothly, even with demanding video games. The Snapdragon S4 Plus processor does a very good job and eliminates any downtime (main thanks to the presence of 1.5GB of RAM). Adreno 305 graphics are enough for most game titles. Express 2 has a decent 8GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to a maximum of 64GB. However, you should know that only 4.5GB of memory is available. So, a memory card is imperative.

The Samsung Galaxy Express 2 uses a 2,100 mAh battery, which you can easily remove as needed. The battery is enough for two days of not too demanding use.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 camera

If the conditions are good, you can count on very good photos. The 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash and the 0.3MP auxiliary camera are something that the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 has from the multimedia offer. The camera interface is pretty good. It is an identical interface as the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, which is rich in various operating modes such as Panorama, Sport, Night, and others.

The camera activates quickly and records quickly. The 5MP sensor is not perfect, but the images are very good. Indoor photos are expected to be worse, with lots of unnatural colors. The front camera is not high quality, but it can be used for video calls, but the image quality is still poor. The video quality is average, with a mediocre level of detail. The audio is ok, but with a lot of background noise.

Samsung Galaxy Express 2 conclusion

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Express 2 4G LTE

With a slightly higher price than expected, the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 poses a problem for itself. This is a mid-range device, but it is one of the most expensive in its environment. The reason for that is probably the LTE connection. If high-speed internet is not a priority for you, there are many alternatives (Motorola Moto G or Nexus 4 for example). But if you want an LTE connection, you can also consider the HTC Desire 601 and Nokia Lumia 625 as good alternatives. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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