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Quick repairs of the mixer, finishing, adjusting the oven, or screwing the bulb socket – have situations like this caught you unprepared x times? It is not good to not have in your home, at least the basic household power tools which can come to the aid to repair your bicycle, computer, or ordinary faucet.

Stay with us if you want “unprepared” situations to be just a long and ugly past. Find out which power tools are the alpha and omega of every modern household.

Why power tools are better than “traditional”

Performance, weight, and utility in many cases did not play a large and important role in many hand tools, in order to provide them with irreplaceability in our toolboxes.

They were therefore replaced by multifunctional DBS power tools. The chainsaw replaced the hand saws, bulky and very hard to use, and the drills quickly made a hole that we had previously made with a nail and a hammer, and thus (in many cases) damaged the wall in the process.

“Power tools” for all types of repairs

All representatives of the group of electric tools are also known as “power tools”. As the name suggests, proximity (or power supply) is required to use them.

Power tools have far more power and offer better performance than conventional tools or inflexible, cordless tools, although they do not require a starting circuit. The main advantage of power tools is their consistency in work – as long as there is a constant supply of (current) energy, power tools will be your most loyal apprentice in the business!

Many professionals choose to rely on them because they are precise, fast, and easy to adapt to any job, and depending on your requirements, you can buy tools with batteries or those with a cable.

The most useful power tools for home

Whether you are a professional or just someone who wants to be able to independently arrange minor repairs around the house, quality power tools are crucial. There is a large offer of such tools on the market, which you can freely add to unavoidable pieces such as ladders, scissors, nails, yard tools, and the like.

Electric drills

Electric drills are intended for drilling holes, breaking but also stamping walls and other materials. Also, when their torque is adjusted, they can be used as screwdrivers – thus replacing several other traditional tools. Almost all repairs, professional or functional, cannot be done without a drill.

If your drill has a hammer symbol, the adjustment will allow it to work as a vibratory / impact drill. It is very important to adjust the speed of the drill exactly, otherwise, the tool, drill, and material may be damaged.

Electric saws

As technology has advanced, motor and electric saws have improved and are not considered as noisy and difficult to handle. There are different types of electric saws (jigsaws, circular, stationary, universal, and multi-purpose), so depending on your needs, you can decide on the best one!

The advantage of the electric saw is its ability to process many different materials and it can be used even with one hand, so they are very practical.

Electric grinders and planers (milling machines)

Electric grinders are suitable for fine processing of various materials, especially large surfaces, and represent an excellent choice for everyone who often encounters interior decoration, exterior, color removal from various furniture.

With these sanders, you can finish the stand, shape edges and corners, and even hard-to-reach areas, as well as without the danger of damaging the skin.

Another useful power tool for those who often work with wood and enjoy making a piece of furniture themselves – there are milling machines or planers, ideal for making folds, grooves, and beautiful edges.

Invest in quality and long-lasting tools for your home. For a decent price, you can get a quality power tool for all household needs, which will last a long time and significantly reduce the time spent on repairs. Enjoy!

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