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Nokia Lumia is a series of smartphones with which the Finnish brand is trying to restore a shaky reputation, which has been seriously damaged by the expansion of the Android operating system and a growing number of manufacturers who decide to incorporate a platform whose trademark is a small green robot. opted for Windows Phone and thus wants to fix things to some extent. Accordingly, the competition should be attacked, and the video below shows how the Nokia Lumia 800 breaks up the iPhone 4 when the so-called Turn-by-turn navigation in question.

Namely, people from Nokia have decided to look for a person on the streets of London who, accidentally or not, has an iPhone 4 and competes with them who will get instructions on how to get to the famous London Eye panoramic carousel.

The man who used the Nokia Lumia 800 took 15.24 seconds to get the necessary information, while the girl with the iPhone 4 was still trying to access the information (the competition was held without the use of subsequently installed applications). Nokia also took the opportunity to boast that its Nokia Drive service also has a voice guidance option. In addition, you can also choose between a female and a male voice.

Aga, as the name of the girl who participated in this small experiment, received a new Nokia Lumia 800 as a gift, which should mean that she “officially realized” that she should switch to a model that runs the Windows Phone operating system ( especially Nokia Lumia 800).

Now the question arises whether the outcome would have been different if the lucky one (because of the received phone) Aga had some subsequently installed application? You will have to answer that question because the experience is the most important thing, right? What are your navigation experiences on the Nokia Lumia 800 and iPhone 4?

The question is how the Lumia 800 would have fared in this duel to compete with some fresh model because the iPhone 4 is not exactly a phone that has just come out of the factory… is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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