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Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 family continues to gain new members. After the presentation of the lower and middle-class models ( Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 520), the Finnish phone manufacturer showed the public a new model – Nokia Lumia 720, which in many ways could be interesting to the market. Unlike the overpriced Lumia 920, which at heart justifies its high performance, the new Lumia could easily combine the right dimensions and great design, so it can happen that the Nokia Lumia 720 becomes a full fit when it comes to smartphones from Finland.

Nokia Lumia 720 design

The Nokia Lumia 720 really looks like a real premium phone, with a plastic body. The Nokia Lumia 720 design seems to be exactly what has been expected from Nokia for so long. With its 4.3-inch display, it looks quite suitable for one-handed use, which will definitely come in handy in public transport. In addition, the phone is barely 9 mm thick, so the right measure is affected.

The rounded edges of the phone make the Nokia Lumia 720 a bit reminiscent of the HTC 8X, but that, in any case, can only be a plus. Still, the design is pretty simple and done to the extent that one Nokia should be. With a matte finish instead of a glossy finish, the Nokia Lumia 720 provides just enough material to make the device easily different from the Nokia Lumia 920. In this way, Nokia has once again incorporated the sought-after plastic case with an acceptable dose of style and practicality.

At the bottom are three recognizable capacitive Windows Phone keys and three traditional Nokia side keys for volume, on / off, and camera.

Nokia Lumia 720 specification

For starters, the Nokia Lumia 720 has one great option, and that is wireless charging. Then, there’s the standard microSD extension, high-angle camera, 8GB internal memory, 1GHz dual-core processor, and 512MB of RAM (which was probably enough for Windows Phone 7, but not for applications and games on the new version of this OS), all of which together run the Windows Phone user interface. So, based on the list of parts, it can be said that the Nokia Lumia 720 is a true member of the middle class, which spoils its advantages (in the form of wireless charging) with small things (impossibility to remove the back of the phone). This means that the 2,000 mAh battery remains unavailable for change.

Nokia Lumia 720 camera

There is also a 6.7 MP “heavy” main camera, which is somehow standard for a phone like this. Still, it is commendable that Nokia has “left” fragments of PureView technology on this model as well, including optical stabilization and improved results in low light conditions. This camera is able to “capture” video in 720p quality, which is ok.

At the front, there is a 1.3 MP auxiliary camera with a wide shooting angle. Like the main and auxiliary camera, it is able to accept 720p videos. It comes in combination with the Glam Me application intended for taking self-portraits.

Nokia Lumia 720 screen

The already mentioned 4.3-inch IPS LCD screen with a fairly lively Windows Phone interface gives a nice image with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which must be said to be average. Still, it can be said that Nokia did a great job, as it managed to fit 217 pixels per inch nicely with the available colors, so the Nokia Lumia 720 emits a really high-quality image, with solid viewing angles and quite decent visibility in daylight. . Still, it certainly remains a pity for the 720 or 1080p screen, which little by little has already become the standard.

Nokia Lumia 720 Conclusion

All in all, a great job from Nokia. What happened to the manufacturer was mostly done in an acceptable way. What is up to Microsoft, ie Windows Phone 8 OS, remains to be “tuned” a little more so that everything works smoothly, which the Nokia Lumia 720 smartphone certainly has. This primarily refers to the optimization and harmonization of software with hardware, but also the chronic lack of quality applications for Windows Phone 8. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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