Nokia Asha 210 Review

Nokia has added a new member to the Asha family these days. It is a Nokia Asha 210 phone that comes with a QWERTY keyboard and a good old Series 40 operating system. As with the Asha 205, introduced in November, the Nokia Asha 210 has special keys for popular social networks. Interestingly, the Facebook key will be offered on models that will be sold in Europe and South America, while WhatsApp will get its special key for the first time on Nokia Asha 210 phones destined for the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific. By the way, WhatsApp has been combined with Nokia for some time, so it is not surprising that this kind of cooperation has taken place. After all, the popularity of WhatsApp should not be overstated.

Nokia Asha 210 loves social networks
Nokia Asha 210
Nokia Asha 210 as a single and dual SIM phone
Nokia Asha 210 will be sold in single and dual SIM variants, without the possibility of using 3G and 4G technologies, but still with Wi-Fi access. But that’s why the battery is a real monster, because it will be able to keep energy in stand by mode for as long as 46 days in the version with one SIM card and 24 days if it is a dual SIM.

Nokia Asha 210
The Nokia Asha 210 uses Nokia’s Easy Swap technology, which allows the user to easily switch from one SIM card to another. The slot on the side of the phone means that users will be able to easily replace the secondary card without turning off the phone.

Nokia Asha 210 specification
This phone is made to be affordable, so it can’t be expected to have a better configuration than a 1 GHz processor, as well as only 64 MB of internal memory (which can be expanded up to 32 GB).

Nokia Asha 210 camera
Nokia Asha 210

The modest 2 MP camera has 4x digital zoom. It is assumed that the front does not exist, but Nokia has tried to overcome this shortcoming by the presence of self-portrait shooting mode.

Nokia Asha 210 Conclusion
Nokia Asha 210

The Nokia Asha 210 will be available in yellow, black, white, blue and purple over the next few months, with an indication that not all colors will be available in all parts of the world. The shape that the Nokia Asha 210 has is very classic, but also quite pleasant to use, especially for longer phone calls. An additional plus in terms of design is the soft rounded edges and matte finish. Despite the fact that the Nokia Asha 210 is intended as a cheap device, the Finnish manufacturer took care of the quality and details, such as a special camera button on the side that activates the camera even when the phone is locked.

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